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Lots of microwave physics "unwise demonstrations" for the high school classroom. Just about finished updating 300-400 pages here, making them squishable for phone, to avoid the Google Mobile-geddon.For example, the Good Stuff page now will smash down its jpegs when you narrow your browser window.

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Its "laminated" rotor is actually a ring wound from iron wire. Thunderf OOt and Veritasium fighting over Kelvin Thunderstorm?

Pinocchio was built by Frankenstein and wants to become a real girl! (Or did you just want to cure your brain-fog, rather than zapping sensitive body parts? Store-bought Kefir liquid-yoghurt will swell up and explode if you leave it out of the fridge. Igonna leave som Kefir out when weather warms up again, crack the cap a bit, maybe use a winemaking bubbler. If it works, next stage is buy a stable full of pregnant Mongolian war-ponies.

Artisanal Kumiss, in horse-skin bags just like old country.

But suddenly some Chinese company has them again, and they're all over e Bay for about each!

(They say 6 kilovolts, but they actually run at 8KV unloaded. The outer layer of Mentos is an air/sugar foam, not a white pigment.

My Livescribe pen is repaired, I replaced the display.

Those custom OLED panels aren't available, so I bought a second pen and pulled one from there. The displays and batteries for Echo smartpen are "no user servicable parts inside." Ahem. I've used up my 15min of fame, and now I'm using up yours!

He's a former major leaguer nicknamed "Nails" and an ex-con hustler who made (and lost) millions, but none of that could have prepared Dykstra for his friendship with the wild-man actor, who he alleges is a dangerous criminal about to be taken down by the Feds.

Just uploaded the references and the three diagrams to Bernard Vonnegut's "leaping sundogs" research paper from 1965. If the discharge circuit on a fire-alarm warning strobe was loop-shaped, it could be emitting very brief microwave pulses of few hundred watts. Paint your xenon strobe opaque, so nobody figures it out.

If you visit any site with a tiny Sitemeter hit counter, it supposedly loads a script/cookies which wait for you to visit e Bay etc., then display the obtrusive screen-wide ad *only* if you're on e Bay, otherwise it lurks hidden. (Note that you can Streetview-drive all over the sidewalks in that park, go out to the end of the dock, even climb stairs.) Added some to Ultra-simple Generator, GOING FURTHER: HEAVY-DUTY VERSIONS.

No, there is no need to stamp out hundreds of iron sheet laminations.

I started getting them at work, and tracked it down. Site meter is the hitcounter at the bottom of nearly all of my pages!