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Vonnegut discovered crownflash-sundog effect fifty years ago, but he had only his own observations, plus some eyewitnesses. Maybe you'd need two or three resonant loops, to cover multiple bands. Huh, just had another hyper-realistic dream, my fourth.

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BURNING MAN CROWDS and their highly focused Tibetan-Tulpa rays, centaur Real-doll scorpions, art installations with haunted randomizers and discarnate memories stored in the zeropoint nonlocal foam. Or, buy up some dead Violet Ray tesla-coil quack-medical devices on e Bay, then get them working for resale. Kumis beer from fermented mares' milk fueled Ghengis' vast army. The seller just didn't let it go long enough, like artisan carbonated grape juice actually being proto-wine.And DIY Simple Telescope will even squash it's fixed-width ASCII diagrams!(And, this here News page is finally viewable on mobile, except for some leftover Courier-font SITE METER TURNED EVIL?Pinocchio was built by Frankenstein and wants to become a real girl! (Or did you just want to cure your brain-fog, rather than zapping sensitive body parts? Store-bought Kefir liquid-yoghurt will swell up and explode if you leave it out of the fridge. Igonna leave som Kefir out when weather warms up again, crack the cap a bit, maybe use a winemaking bubbler. If it works, next stage is buy a stable full of pregnant Mongolian war-ponies.Artisanal Kumiss, in horse-skin bags just like old country.Crank them up to 10KV using higher DC input.) Everyone seems convinced that the 'explosions' of cola and Mentos(tm) are caused by chemicals, and by solid nucleation sites. The dissolving Mentos-ees will release billions of microbubbles to seed the carbonation froth. After all, liquids which contain a cloud of invisible bubbles are not so different than liquids full of "nucleation" chemicals. We know that Mythbusters is always right.) Well, we could scrape/polish the candy surface to eliminate the supposed "roughness," and see if the explosion still occurs. Or try the experiment with high-sugar carbonated drink, where, if the Mentos can't dissolve, even the roughest Mentos won't provoke any frothing. Water with a bubble-cloud is compressible, and the acoustic velocity falls lower when compared to water without any bubble-plume.

So, just do the "hot chocolate effect" acoustic demo, but rather than dumping powder into hot water, instead dump Mentos(tm) into cold.

I started getting them at work, and tracked it down. Site meter is the hitcounter at the bottom of nearly all of my pages!

Consensus is that "Site Meter" aka is behind all this. On google maps, streetview, here's a local Eastside good image of the Google Car and bike trailer, also the Google Bike-rider's girlfriend bored and perturbed.

My Livescribe pen is repaired, I replaced the display.

Those custom OLED panels aren't available, so I bought a second pen and pulled one from there. The displays and batteries for Echo smartpen are "no user servicable parts inside." Ahem. I've used up my 15min of fame, and now I'm using up yours!

Sometimes I see mysterious pageload errors from vindicosuite.com, also pages appearing only slowly while a hitcounter is loading.