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At the time, the couple of hundred local anarchists knew how to take the step separating hippie dreams from political reality by self-proclaiming a 'free' community. I approach the 'green light district' and the main 'commercial street' in Christiania, better known as Pusher Street, where selling and using soft drugs is legal. 'The multiculturalism here isn’t necessarily connected with ethnical or religious diversity,' he says.'It’s all about a community of people with different backgrounds - rich and poor, more or less educated; they’re all joined together in this non-hierarchical society without hierarchy.' They all share one thing in common: the rejection of Danish society.

From seventy other candidates, he was chosen by his neighbours to live in a three-piece maisonette in the centre of the community.Like in other parts of the country, this is no coincidence: the nazi occupation during the second world war and the moving borders between the two nations at the beginning of the twentieth century pushed forward a long-term bond.The majority of them are nowadays completely integrated and protected (unlike the Faroese, Greenlanders or the Roma), but Denmark used to be very cautious about its imposing neighbour: when the country became the ninth member to join the European economic community (EEC) in 1973 (along with Britain and Denmark - ed), they stipulated a series of clauses in their treaties for preventing the Germans from obtaining secondary residences on the so much sought-after Danish territory.At you will learn how to pronounce the most common Danish phrases and words.Danish pronunciation is impossible to learn from a book. This course contains everything you need to know about getting started with Danish.Culturally, Christiania is still a reference point for all sorts of artists, but on the other hand, the avant-garde underground community is slowly starting to transform itself into a real-life museum of an obsolete utopia, with about one million tourists visiting it each year.

The curious and nostalgic visitors hurry there to admire the veterans defending alternative movements from the past decades.But since the 1970s their reputation, based mainly on a free and open spirit, slowly started to wear out.Who are the heirs who live, work or go out in Christiania today?It is good, then, that Deborah, who works at the post office in Christiania, is German.She came to Copenhagen out of curiosity twenty years ago, married a Danish journalist ahead of his time, and never left again.Meanwhile the authorities are having more and more difficulties accepting these libertine citizens.

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