10p a minute adult chat line

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10p a minute adult chat line - online dating services ookala hawaii

A 900 number will charge the call directly to the caller's phone number, while 800 numbers will prompt callers to enter a credit card number and charge that. You'll have to sign up with a company that provides this service, paying a one-time setup fee and an additional monthly maintenance fee.

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Palma Giove, 50, (right) pictured with her sister Cenzina Decelis, 42, (centre) and niece Mariella Decelis, 20, (left) is accused of lying about her father dying to trick a lonely widower out of his savings One of the alleged victims, James Marsh, told Nottingham Crown Court that Giove (pictured) had fabricated sob stories in order to trick him into handing over money after she befriended him on the phone The court heard Giove and her family had duped five widowers out of their life savings by making up the string of stories about family tragedies, financial hardship and personal ill-health between November 2008 and October 2013.Look for people who are trained in the service that you are going to provide.For example, if you are creating a psychic advice line, have a potential worker give you a psychic reading. You can use websites and Internet marketing, or place ads in local newspapers. These types of numbers are common for adult chat, technical support and psychic advice, along with many other applications.If you have some information that's worth something to people, you can make money with pay-per-call numbers.We work with you to ensure you have the correct Premium Rate Voice Number set up (see below types).

Calls can be PPM (pay per minute) or PPC (pay per call).070 numbers cost up to 50p per minute from a landline (fixed line phone) but if you call from your mobile call costs will vary and you may be charged more.Phonepay Plus regulates 070 numbers if they 'offer' premium rate-style services and the cost of the call exceeds 10p per minute. Freephone is free to call from a landline (fixed line phone) but if you call from your mobile call costs will vary depending on your mobile network and you will be charged. Although this starts with 0800 and is free to dial (from landlines and the following mobile operators only: Vodafone, Orange, O2, Tesco, 3 and T-Mobile), the person receiving the call will have to pay.Calls to 0871 numbers cost up to 10p per minute* from landlines but will vary depending on your phone company or if using a mobile.09 numbers* 0900/ 0901 Call cost up to 60p per minute with a maximum call cost of £5.00; or fixed cost up to £1.00 per call0904 Open-ended at any cost per minute; or fixed cost per call at any rate0905 Open-ended at any cost per minute; or fixed cost per call at any rate09059 Live multi-party chat services costing up to 60p per minute0906 Open-ended at £1.50 per minute.0907 Pay-for-product services costing more than £1.000908/ 0909/ 098 Adult services at any rate, ranging from 10p to £1.50*091 Open-ended at any cost per minute; or fixed cost per call at any rate.Typically charged per minute in generally 25p increments. Phone-paid/premium rate numbers types in the UK: 118 directory enquiry services Numbers beginning 118 are directory enquiry services.

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