17 and dating a 21

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17 and dating a 21 - omarosa dating

Maybe I'm just making a bigger deal out of it than it needs to be but I'm afraid he won't like me anymore when he knows how much younger I am. oh and also until you care about each other, of course!

When explaining certain things to a layperson that is not well versed in legal terminology, it is common to use phrases like "a minor would be considered an adult for the purpose of.....".

Good luck Marcy   Yes, a 17-year-old can date a 21-year-old, but if they are having sex, the 21-year-old can be charged with statutory rape, which is treated very seriously in most states.

The tricky thing is that the age of consent is 16 (in some states), but you're a minor until you're 18. Borrower's CAPITAL (business networth) or downpayment for the loan.

There's an obvious attraction/flirtation thing going on and I'm just nervous to tell him my age cause I don't want it to change anything or how he thinks of me. don't take the chance of getting him nailed for statutory rape!!

He's really mature and smart and not to toot my own horn or anything, but I'd say I'm pretty mature for my age too and I don't think my age should matter. :) it will mean nothing when you are 29 and he's 33 like my bf and I. if it isn't legal where you live, wait till you're 18 to have sex.

I started talking to this guy in my fitness class and I'm pretty sure he's around twenty years old, I haven't actually asked him yet.

I made the first movie, knowing that he was older but I couldn't help myself lol.

However, phrases such as this are not actually LEGALLY correct. Oh..then you only have to worry about Class C felonies instead of statutory rape. [QUOTE=confused232]The alcoholic beverage code actually EXPLICITLY defines a minor as a person "under 21 years of age" and an adult as a person "21 years of age or older." Indecency with a child EXPLICITLY defines a child to be a person "under 17 years of age." The Juvenile Justice Code EXPLICITLY defines a minor as being "under 17 years of age" and an adult as being "17 years of age or older."[/QUOTE I think you are making this harder than it has to be, it depends on context of the statement and laws, as shown above, you can have sex at a certain age before you can drink, but since you can have sex, it does not give you the right to buy alcohol. However, there are certain specific statutes that define "minor" as a person under an age different than 18. (Many statutes in Texas define a "minor" as a person under the age of 17 and in one case as a person under the age of 21). States are very specific about statutory rape, child abuse, and enticing a minor for indecent purposes.

I would recommend the 19 year old stop dating the 14 year old before he finds himself in prison. Being specific depends on the legal definition of the law, based on the crime commited. For the purposes of criminal prosecution (like you have suggested), "child" is defined as a person under the age of 17 in Texas. It is VERY written, and is available all over the net.

Until she reaches the age of majority or is recognized as a capable adult through the termination of parental rights, her parents have the statutory right to physical possession of their child and the duty of control and reasonable discipline. It may not be criminal, but if she wants to introduce you to her family, I think you should respect her desire to not do anything without their approval and that you should try to wait and see where the relationship is going before going that far into the relationship. I know below 14 is a bigger deal in Texas, but I've known more than one guy to get into serious trouble for having sex with 16 year old girls. Even when they get out, they will be registered sex offenders. Umm..for the purposes of the Alcoholic Beverage Code a minor is a person under 21 actually.

Also, if she lives with her parents, they do have a right to control her movements on dating issues. For the purposes of estates, a minor is a person under 21.

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