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You may want to print a copy of the registration application before you submit it.

As such, you have until PM (HST) of the due date to make a timely E-Filed return. Click on the "History" button at the top of the Forms page.If the information is still present on the form, the form has not been filed.If the information is not present, then you should be receiving an e-mail confirming your filing.We also recommend that you obtain a Power of Attorney (POA, Form N-848) from your client so that you will have the authority to file their returns and pay their taxes due on their behalf.You do not need to submit the POA to the Department unless you wish to make an inquiry about your client's confidential tax information.A confirmation e-mail will also be sent to the e-mail address on your profile page.

You should not consider your return submitted until you reach the Confirmation page.

Should you change your e-mail address after registering, you can update it on your E-File account by logging into your account and clicking on the "Update Profile" button at the top of the Forms page.

You will need to ask your client(s) to register on the web site and then provide you with a copy of their registration information, including their password.

If you lost your password, you can request it be sent to the e-mail address on your E-File profile by clicking on the green "Forgot your password?

" link at the E-Services home page, or by clicking on the grey "Retrieve Password" button on the log-in screen. To promote cost saving measures and environmental friendliness, the state Tax Department has ceased the automatic mailing of Income Tax Booklets (e.g. for General Excise taxes), and Estimated Payment Vouchers to taxpayers' homes or businesses. The Department of Taxation, through the Hawaii Revised Statutes, can determine alternative methods of "signing" an electronically filed tax return so that it has the same validity as a physically signed paper return.

Because the taxpayer is required to register using confidential personal information and must select a unique password known only to them when submitting a return through the e Hawaii Gov website, the Department accepts E-Filed returns as valid and official.

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