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I know alot of the lyric sites have it wrong but it is dying hound with streak of rin tin tin a dog!!

It blew everyone away and gave The Who a new lease of life. Actually even with all the analyzing the lyrics seem pretty lame. One of them went on the BBC and said, "The Who were not responsible for the social revolution" Whoever that was, either Johnny Rotten or Sid Vicious this was nevertheless a lame attempt to discredit the work Pete Townsend and The Who did over the many years creating and changing the awareness of the hazards of government.

" it IS an acoustic guitar solo, "My Generation" is the ONLY Who song to have what you would call a "bass solo". It is in fact about Pete's terrible night out with two of the Sex Pistols.

THe explanation for this song is simple, but the other interpretations listed have some interesting ideas. But the lyrics are sort of...........well, Paul Simon will always be a better lyricist. Actually even with all the analyzing the lyrics seem pretty lame. By the way the acoustic guitar solo in this song is absolutely phenominal. I believe some of you have some of the facts regarding this song.

At the club were Steve Jones and Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols, obviously not only the new rage musically, but in Petes's mind everything that he had left behind.

(idealism, politics, the voice of youth, as he was now a millionaire) Petes, "preaching from his chair" was his lecture to the boys on how they were socially and musically the next wave of at one time the Who had represented as the leaders of the "new revolution." Townshend upset with not only his perception of his own bands sell out and the horrible 70's indulgence of rock, lectured the lads on what the pistols meant as the future of music.

I've always thought it was about a night out in Londons Soho, sleeping it off in a doorway, and a friendly cop advising Pete to go home. (Remember won't get fooled again" Nixon, vietnam etc.

Pete Townsend, aware of this attitude by the punks wrote a song "Who are You?There is the, "lost second verse" that is a lot more relevant to his experience that day, "I used to check my refection, jumping with my cheap guitar, i must have lost my direction because i ended up a superstar, what happens in the boardroom, One night I'm in the board affected by the human race, you can learn from my mistakes but your posing in the glass again." Seems to speak to his prior meetings ad then his random with the pistols and there inquires of breaking the charts and being rockstars, no revolutionaries.Sources,( probably jones and cook) insist that pete in his cups continued after numerous corrections to call them both johnny and rotten assuming he was speaking to John Lydon, who obviously would have been more receptive to being the new guard.) So at the end of the day, the version that camed out was about a dreadfully hungover Pete returning home 3rd verse you got me?On can assume after what pete had experienced that day lead to the ultimate in self reflection, Who the [email protected] are you"My impression of this song has always been that someone's trying to figure out who THEY are and what their life means. " (as if looking in a mirror and seeing "you" as their own face)though Roger Daltrey is traditionally acknowledged as the leader of the Who - by Townshend himself - Townshend was the ballsy guy who had to cope with record company executives, and battle for the Who to get their money. (Remember won't get fooled again" Nixon, vietnam etc.)... It was about Townshend's ultimate disappointment with the promise of the '60s revolution.record companies always try to screw artists out of money and many artists never fight for heir wages. In his mind, it had failed all its beautiful promise.It's addressed to Cook and Jones (Who are these upstarts, who would never have played a not had not Townshend picked up a guitar more than a decade back? The song refers to an incident at the Speakeasy Club in London (a well known meeting place for established rock musicians) when a very drunk Pete Townshend, tortured by the Who's "selling out" was bemused to see Cook and Jones and started haranguing them telling them "You've got to take over where the Who left off- and this time you've got to finish the f***ing job". He was telling them that they were the future of music and they had to take the "baton". " preaching from my chair "This, to me, is the best song by the Who.