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It is a VERY STRONG smell of wet dog and rotten garbage.

Upon the cleanup, we found a rather large rock in the middle of the toppled pile. I noted that one tree in the woods by the orchard was shaking profusely. He went out the door and returned back about 10 seconds later and said he saw something over by Dxx’s tree house in the orchard. He got a rock click response from creek bottom near his tree stand. Another howl could be heard about 30 seconds later in the same area.

We knew the company couldn’t divulge the ingredients in the carbonated beverages, but we were wondering if the facilities where Pepsi is made are free from known allergens.

Case in point, Pepsi currently has a snack division which could potentially have allergens present.

You can contact customer service with a problem about your Pepsi product or with a general comment about Pepsi.

There are different contact forms for each situation.

Visit click on one of the links under the Email Us button.

If you are a frequent social media users, visit Pepsi on Twitter or Facebook.

When I went out the kitchen door, I noticed that something was beating (more of a rhythmic, slow pattern) the side of our smoke house (old building used for storage).

Something was being thrown and bouncing off its tin roof, like something throwing our black walnuts.

If you’d like to talk live with an agent via chat you can do so during customer service hours at

The customer service mailing address is there for customers who want to send a letter to Pepsi, but the FAQs section is quite detailed, so if your letter pertains to a question you may be able to answer that question without sending the letter at all.

The agent assured us the carbonated beverage category is free from known allergens. Tell us about your experience dealing with the customer service at Pepsi.