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S., with a birth rate of 37.5 per 1,000 teens aged 15-19, according to the (CDC). The state has the highest rates of gonorrhea and syphilis infections and the second-highest rate of chlamydia in the U. According to the CDC, half of all new STD diagnoses in the U. are among young people, and one in four sexually active girls has an STD.

Perkins is on the Louisiana Youth for Truth (LYFT) council, a committee of young people under the umbrella of the Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies (IWES) advocating for comprehensive sex education in schools statewide.

Before, I couldn't really talk to them — I barely knew what to say.

I didn't know anything except 'maybe you should wear a condom.' It was an eye-opener in that it gave me a new train of thought to tackle a situation." Louisiana has the seventh-highest rate of teen pregnancies in the U.

Louisiana Youth for Excellence (LYFE), a program under the wing of the governor's office, advocates for "abstinence-centric" sex ed programming to "impact and lower the high statistics of teen births as well as STDs in Louisiana across the state," says Sarah Parker, LYFE's program manager and outreach coordinator.

"What we do then is we educate, we partner strategically with different community-based organizations, schools, faith-based organizations and other governmental agencies to provide resources, to both youth and their parents, in order to assist in making a positive impact in their lives and teaching them to make healthy, life-long choices." The passage of Colomb's bill — which also has the support of Gov.

Proponents say leaving those questions out of the survey means the state doesn't get potentially millions of dollars in federal funding to support sexual health programs.

States that include the sex questionnaire are funded significantly higher.

"Because we don't have the data on sex risk behaviors, public health practitioners are unable to correlate" the rates of infections and appropriate outreach, she said. It should be opt-in." "I don't know about you, but I don't think these are appropriate questions to ask students at any grade level," she said. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Adolescent Health and uses a curriculum from Making Proud Choices! BY-LA is on track to reach 16,000 students in the greater New Orleans area, Baton Rouge and River Parishes by 2019. "We implement it here already, we get federal funding to do so — we just omit the sexual health questions," says IWES' Steffani Bangel, advocacy and engagement program coordinator with sex ed and reproductive health program Creating a Future Together (Cr AFT).

"The numbers are extremely high and disturbing." "Data makes a difference," said state Sen. "These are innocence-destroying questions." IWES' Believe in Youth-Louisiana (BY-LA) program aims to reduce the rates of teen pregnancy, HIV and other STDs among young black and Latino people ages 11-19 in southeast Louisiana. "I'd say we're pretty busy," says BY-LA facilitator Aurora Tom-Quinn. "The bill's intention is to allow for those questions to be asked." "That assessment is a huge opportunity to lend resources and link the general community with our office, which is a holistic office," Tom-Quinn says.

Lawmakers largely have been challenged by conservative colleagues and religious groups that want to keep sex talk at home — and out of schools.

But health officials and advocates point to a gap between the state's prescription for sex ed (and lack thereof) and Louisiana's enormously high rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unplanned pregnancies among teenagers and young people.

"We've tried to get this kind of education and information to students before they finish high school, but now what this bill attempts to do, when they come into their freshman year, during orientation ...

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