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Parents and guardians would have the choice to opt their children out from those lessons. This year, Bishop believes he'll have better luck getting sex ed onto college campuses.His Senate Bill 106 mandates public universities to "develop and implement an action plan to address the prevention of unplanned pregnancies among unmarried students." "I spent the last 20-something-odd years working on college campuses," says Bishop, a former educator.

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"Being in high school, I have lots of friends who are (sexually) active.

There's always an opportunity to opt out of something they're not comfortable with. Wesley Bishop, D-New Orleans, has tried for several years to convince the Louisiana Legislature to approve his measures expanding sex ed programming in Louisiana — or even in just New Orleans, where the New Orleans City Council and school board pleaded for change.

In 2015, Bishop introduced a bill to mandate "comprehensive" sex ed for middle and high school students in Orleans Parish public schools by the 2017 school year.

"We've tried to get this kind of education and information to students before they finish high school, but now what this bill attempts to do, when they come into their freshman year, during orientation ...

when they have the same conversations about time management, money management, drugs — let's talk about unplanned pregnancies to try and improve their possibility of being able to graduate from college. Typically when pregnancy enters into the equation, it becomes much more difficult." Bishop's bill faced significantly less pushback than his previous bills and received relatively swift approval from the Senate Committee on Education last month.

Before administering the survey, the CDC contacts a school superintendent, who then decides whether schools in the district should participate. Questions related to sex — which aren't included in the current surveys sent to Louisiana students — ask whether students have had sex and how often.

Results are anonymous and don't identify the students or schools.HIV prevalence has continued to rise among young people over the last decade, and young people of color constitute a disproportionate number of all cases of STDs.The CDC administers an anonymous health risk survey to students covering drug and alcohol use, smoking, diet, physical activity and sexual behavior."This had a much better chance of passing, in talking to my colleagues," he says. It takes away the fears some of my colleagues had before, that something would be introduced to their children.I took that in mind." Lawmakers added amendments, however, prohibiting lesson plans from discussing abortion and barring anyone from directing students to Planned Parenthood.Proponents say leaving those questions out of the survey means the state doesn't get potentially millions of dollars in federal funding to support sexual health programs.

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