Adult dating louisiana

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Adult dating louisiana

Proponents say leaving those questions out of the survey means the state doesn't get potentially millions of dollars in federal funding to support sexual health programs.States that include the sex questionnaire are funded significantly higher.

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I didn't know anything except 'maybe you should wear a condom.' It was an eye-opener in that it gave me a new train of thought to tackle a situation." Louisiana has the seventh-highest rate of teen pregnancies in the U.

"This had a much better chance of passing, in talking to my colleagues," he says. It takes away the fears some of my colleagues had before, that something would be introduced to their children.

I took that in mind." Lawmakers added amendments, however, prohibiting lesson plans from discussing abortion and barring anyone from directing students to Planned Parenthood.

In Louisiana, students aren't asked about the latter.

Results from those surveys determine federal funding to the state's health and education departments to ensure programs reflect what kids are actually doing. Yvonne Colomb, D-Baton Rouge, filed a measure that would allow high school students to receive those survey questions about sex — data that's already being collected in 38 other states.

John Bel Edwards — would allow LYFE to "more thoroughly and accurately do our jobs," Parker says.

"The end goal is not to pry or enter into a conversation or area where we're not wanted. But we do need to have the ability to have that information provided to us by the youth themselves to paint a better picture of where we stand." State Sen.Previous attempts in the state Legislature have failed.Colomb's Senate Bill 85 moved successfully out of the Senate's Health and Welfare Committee May 10, and it now heads to the full Senate for a vote.HIV prevalence has continued to rise among young people over the last decade, and young people of color constitute a disproportionate number of all cases of STDs.The CDC administers an anonymous health risk survey to students covering drug and alcohol use, smoking, diet, physical activity and sexual behavior.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says a higher prevalence of STDs among young people likely is due to "multiple barriers to accessing quality STD prevention and management services, including inability to pay, lack of transportation, long waiting times, conflict between clinic hours and work and school schedules, embarrassment attached to seeking STD services, method of specimen collection and concerns about confidentiality." While Louisiana lawmakers once again are fighting to get sex ed in schools, several groups that stress the importance of comprehensive sex education — including information on contraceptives, stress, peer negotiation, coping skills, consent and other lessons to help navigate complex, still-growing bodies and minds — hope to remove some of those barriers.