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"Rossiter" was a "Miss" and she is said to have administered the company (not designed), but contemporary press reports say she designed the robes. " Edith Catharina Elizabeth Lindquist baptised 11.8.1877 St. Her father (Oskar Magnus Lindquist) was from Sweden and her mother (Alice) from Newcastle. Oskar Magnus was a Timber Salesman whose work took him away from home. Edith set up home with her younger brother, Erik Lancelot Lindquist, at 9 Ingram Road, East Finchley.

Middlesex County buy the Institute September 1905 Enfield Technical Instruction Committee run classes at four centres in Enfield Urban District September 1906 Enfield Technical Instruction Committee run classes at five centres in Enfield Urban Distirct., Jeremy Eldridge, Tom Robb, Roy Fleming, Jim Hill.Many people helped by contributing information and by the loan or gift of documents or other materials.In 1948 she said her methods were developed from traditional methods over nearly twenty years. Sheila (60) and Elsie (56) moved to the Bideford area of Devon in 1956.Elsie's mother died (89) in Bideford in the spring of 1958.explain that "The Principal shall be in Priest's Orders" and "The Lady Superintendent shall engage and dismiss all domestic servants". Watkins 56 Cook Eliza Daniels 18 Maggie Ludlam 18 1888 49 Elizabeth Pallot 37 Charlotte M Austin 39 Berthe L Sells 31 Alice M Barnes 28 [born Blechingley, Surrey] Annie Dovey 23 Marion Brady 27 Servants: Rosa A Allinson 19 Frances M Bradley 19 Julia Cattley 24 Lucy A B Coombe 40 Sarah Fincham 25 Ethel M Kemp 20 Edith J Mercer 20 Florence R Taylor 22 1902: St Katharine's staff in residence: Teaching: Margaret Isabel Skilton 41 Lady Superintendent Elizabeth Pollot 47 Senior Governess Jane Croudace Glen Bott 32 Governess Mary Louisa Clow 26 Governess Maude Dupere 26 Governess Alice Mary Barnes 38 Governess in Charge at Field House Servants Alice Pring (married) 36 Housekeeper (domestic) at Field House [She had three children somewhere] retired after 28 years [1892? (p.17) 1922 staff included Fanny Moore Mosley and Jane Cronadee Glen Bott 1926 Electoral register for St Katharine's Edith Annie Chubb Mary Louisa Clout Jane Crondace Glenn Bott Edith Mary Gowan Dorothea Barbara Nickal Eleanor Mary Parkes Eveline Parrott Lelia Grace Studman Frances Jennie Woodman that St Katharine's recognised the value of "mature students" whilst in Devon, and when it returned to Tottenham there was an "important contingent of mature students" in the new intake.

The man chosen was the Reverend Edwin Hobson, who continued as Principal for over forty years. In the context of a women only college, this probably means married women.Thanks were acknowledged in print to: Mrs Nancy Carline, Miss Gwyn Cowing, Miss D. says: 1984 to 1987 Principal Lecturer, Faculty of Art and Design, Middlesex Polytechnic 1985 to 1987 Founder and Head, National Centre for Computer Aided Art and Design 1986 to 1987 Founder and Head, Centre for Advanced Studies in Computer Aided Art and Design 1984 or 1985 Middlesex became the "National Centre for Computer Aided Art and Design" under Paul Brown.Freeman, Mrs at some time, and the Hornsey archives contain "memorabilia collected by Sheila Mac Ewan relating to her teaching work at the School, [1913-1957], notably printed books by Mac Ewan and others relating to crafts, programmes, press cuttings and photographs of students, staff and teaching methods". Mac Ewan and lived at 8 Chatham Close, NW11, Hendon in 1951. Later became: Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts Middlesex University Cat Hill, Barnet Hertfordshire, EN Middlesex set up the UK's first MSc [MA ?? 1987/1988 Handbook Diary: Dean of Art and Design: .I hope you will disagree with it and write your own! I began it on 1.11.2012 by beginning to move online a chronological analysis that I made of oral histories and other material in , or any of the other dynamics of change.However, my claim that Enfield was the dynamo that drove the creation of the Polytechnic appears valid.After his retirement in 1919, he wrote "soon the Man Principal of a Woman's College will be as extinct as the Dodo". The indications are that St Katharine's was established in the high church tradition which developed in the Church of England as an assertion that the source of the church's authority lay in religion, not state edict. 1942 Nationally, there were 83 recognised teacher training colleges (like St Katharine' and Berridge House), 22 university training departments, and 16 specialist colleges for art teachers (like Hornsey).

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