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It was opened to all men and women who had served at least a year in HM Forces or in a war industry in June 19 a month were applying by December 1945.

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Subjects taught included drawing, oil painting, watercolour painting, geometry and perspective.

In the run-up to the first world war, the Ediswan Institute became the Ponders End Institute, specialising not only in electrical wiring but in the precision engineering of small arms.

Middlesex County buy the Institute September 1905 Enfield Technical Instruction Committee run classes at four centres in Enfield Urban District September 1906 Enfield Technical Instruction Committee run classes at five centres in Enfield Urban Distirct.

Hornsey's revolution contributed much to the new Polytechnic, but it was originally (1828-1914) bought a house in Ponders End High Street that became the Ediswan Institute.

Joseph Swan and Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) were (separately) the British and American inventors of the electric light bulb.

The embroidery was done by members of the Ladies' Work Society (31 Sloane Street, London, SW) - "Ladies who are compelled by circumstances to employ their time remuneratively". Her mother (Alice) died aged 52 in the summer of 1902. In 1911, Edith (aged 33) is described as "Art Mistress. The only child of Mary Ann and Frederick John Davenport.

about 1900 Design for a medallion by Edith Lindquist SKETCH CLUB AWARDS. Frederick was a furniture salesman specialising in bedsteads. The parents lived in the same house from then until 1956 (or later) and Elsie lived with them until about 1928/1929, after which she lived with Sheila Mac Ewan later). Elsie lived with Sheila Mac Ewan from about 1928 (they lived together for 47 years). They lived in Stroud Green before the second world war, Hendon afterwards (until 1956) 3.1.1930 Date on a weaving record kept by Elsie.After his retirement in 1919, he wrote "soon the Man Principal of a Woman's College will be as extinct as the Dodo". The indications are that St Katharine's was established in the high church tradition which developed in the Church of England as an assertion that the source of the church's authority lay in religion, not state edict. 1942 Nationally, there were 83 recognised teacher training colleges (like St Katharine' and Berridge House), 22 university training departments, and 16 specialist colleges for art teachers (like Hornsey).May 1944 an initial emergency scheme aimed at training ex- services people as teachers attracted many applicants.and public funds 1911 Miss Robinson, instructor in Art Needlework at Hornsey was commissioned to execute the design for the robe and shoes worn by Queen Mary at the coronation of George Fifth (22.6.1911) p.21).The firm of Reville and Rossiter (London) who designed and made the robe and shoes started in 1905 and were appointed court dressmaker to Queen Mary in 1910. (Art Teacher's Diploma) in 1933 "Then it was called 'An Artistic Academy for the Sons and Daughters of Gentlemen", and local prejudice against anything so wicked as an art school required it to be built as a gentleman's residence with a school attached! In fact, so much discretion was required that permission to build a modelling room was given only if it could be designed to look like a conservatory!!!They formed a joint company in , the world's first electronic computer.