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Adult webcam video home - dating hy

The experience we accumulated over the years will be used to your benefit so that you can perform webcam jobs in the best conditions and fulfill your financial objectives in the shortest time.Studio 20, the biggest live cam studio in the world, offers you the chance to perform webcam jobs in a clean and beautifully decorated workspace, with high-class technology, alongside the best team in the online modeling industry.

The net amount specified in it will then be transferred into your bank account. We are beside you 24/7, to give you full support and understanding, whenever you need it.

Regardless of the style you want to adopt (natural, sophisticated or elegant), you will have a neat look that will make you feel beautiful.

If you`re confident and sexy, your fans will be crazy about you. The cleaning department When you have a clean workplace, you love to come to work.

Every model that signs with To ensure the fairness and transparency, we will sign this contract on your first day of work and you will receive a copy immediately after.

Besides the initially signed contract with Studio 20, at each payday, we will issue an addendum, in which we will specify the earnings from each online modeling website for that time period, the percentage that you take, the taxes owed and, finally, the net amount that you will collect, as a result of your webcam job.

The challenges we faced from 2001 until today helped us to constantly improve ourselves so that we can offer our webcam models the support they need to maximize their earnings.

We are beside you at every challenge, we support you and we will transform you into a top glamor webcam model, who can earn up to ,000 per month! As a Studio 20 webcam model, you will benefit from an employment contract, which complies with all legislation.If you think you need more time to assimilate the info, the training period can be extended. The technical support department The four members of this department assure the quality and good functioning of the technical equipment used in the online meetings between the webcam models and members.They ensure that the girls who perform webcam jobs for Studio 20 have the best audio and video ratings on all sites they work on.You can ask them anything you want to know, they will guide you so you can understand what this job is all about. The financial/administrative department This department assures transparency and fairness at Studio 20.On your first day, you will sign a legal artist-performer contract, in which the rights and obligations of each side are specified.Our team of specialists has the necessary knowledge and abilities to transform every webcam model into a star of the online modeling industry.