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While many Alaskans spend their cash, usually $1,000 to $2,000, on either heating their home or a new toy, if you’ve two of them at your disposal, that’s the perfect amount for an awesome trip.

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Additionally, the state of Alaska, consistently gets placed within the top five for brain health among the states.Alaskan winters can be rough, they’re cold, they’re dark, and they’re a bit gloomy.The best way to avoid cabin fever is to stay in the company of others.Expect your Alaskan lover to keep you cozier than you’ve ever been.For out-of-towners that might not know, once a year Alaskan residents get a cut of cash from the state government, much of which comes from the revenues of the oil the state exports.This intelligence will help an Alaskan keep their relationship interesting, as they’re likely to stay up to date on current issues and continually be mastering new skills.

Much of Alaska consists of tiny communities, often miles away from any other sort of civilization.

Alaskans are naturals when it comes to surviving through adversity, often facing harsh winters and isolation for long periods of time.

Alaskans are survivors, and they’ll never give up on someone they care about when the going gets rough.

Like Movoto on Facebook: While the rest of America is missing out, Alaskans have perfected the art of perfectly preparing reindeer meat.

And because a trip to the local restaurant isn’t always feasible, they have become amateur chefs, able to serve up a huge range of local dishes crafted with excellence. Snow doesn’t shut the state of Alaska down, it’s just a part of life.

As the state slows down during this time, couples can take full advantage of being somewhat isolated, getting to know each other a bit better.

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