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He was in the Norwegian squad at the Antwerp Olympics the same year where he was reserve goalkeeper behind Sigurd Wathne.

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Alf-Inge Rasdal "Alfie" Håland (born 23 November 1972 in Stavanger), anglicised to Haaland, is a Norwegian former professional footballer who played as a defender for English clubs Nottingham Forest, Leeds United and Manchester City. He has a son, Erling Håland, who plays for Molde in Norway.

However, his biography admitted that it was an act of vengeance over Håland for the criticism he received three and a half years previously (although Keane claimed this was inaccurate paraphrasing from his ghost-writer).

and finally retired in July 2003 after failing to recover full fitness.

The son of Thingfrith and a descendant of Eowa, Offa came to the throne after a period of civil war following the assassination of Æthelbald. In the early years of Offa's reign, it is likely that he consolidated his control of Midland peoples such as the Hwicce and the Magonsæte.

Taking advantage of instability in the kingdom of Kent to establish himself as overlord, Offa also controlled Sussex by 771, though his authority did not remain unchallenged in either territory.

Alf Lagesen (24 June 1897 – 15 February 1973) was a Norwegian footballer who played as a goalkeeper for Drammens BK and the Norwegian national team.

Lagesen played one international match, a friendly in 1920 against Sweden in Stockholm.

In September 1997, when Manchester United were losing 1–0 to Håland's Leeds United at Elland Road, Keane injured his anterior cruciate ligament trying to tackle Håland.

As Keane lay prone on the ground, Håland criticised Keane and suggested that he was feigning injury to avoid punishment.

Offa was a Christian king who came into conflict with the Church, particularly with Jaenberht, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Offa persuaded Pope Adrian I to divide the archdiocese of Canterbury in two, creating a new archdiocese of Lichfield.

Håland made his debut for Norway in friendly match against Costa Rica in January 1994.