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He also took part in the 1938 FIFA World Cup, but did not play a single match.On club level he started his career in Lillestrøm-based workers' team Fram, before joining Lillestrøm SK.

Offa persuaded Pope Adrian I to divide the archdiocese of Canterbury in two, creating a new archdiocese of Lichfield.

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Offa was King of Mercia, a kingdom of Anglo-Saxon England, from 757 until his death in July 796.

Håland was booked as Keane was stretchered off the field and Keane was out of action for nearly a year afterwards.

In April 2001, Keane fouled Håland on his right knee, for which he was sent off.

The son of Thingfrith and a descendant of Eowa, Offa came to the throne after a period of civil war following the assassination of Æthelbald. In the early years of Offa's reign, it is likely that he consolidated his control of Midland peoples such as the Hwicce and the Magonsæte.

Taking advantage of instability in the kingdom of Kent to establish himself as overlord, Offa also controlled Sussex by 771, though his authority did not remain unchallenged in either territory.He grew up at Bryne and played his club football for Bryne FK, before moving to Nottingham Forest where he made his debut against Leicester City.He later played for Leeds United and Manchester City.Håland was capped a total of 34 times, with his last international match was against Bulgaria in April 2001.Håland is — along with Hallvar Thoresen, Dan Eggen, Espen Baardsen, Hans Hermann Henriksen, Joshua King and Martin Samuelsen — one of the few players to have played for the Norwegian national team without ever playing in the domestic top division.Many surviving coins from Offa's reign carry elegant depictions of him, and the artistic quality of these images exceeds that of the contemporary Frankish coinage.

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