Alison krauss and john waite dating

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Alison krauss and john waite dating - Stream dateing adult

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As a voice for hire, there are few singers with her emotional range, a gift she lends easily to the Elvis Costello-penned "Scarlet Tide" from the Cold Mountain soundtrack.

Her performance at the Tracking Room is an excellent showcase for these talents in that the studio setting offers a very no-frills, straightforward production.

The members of her Union Station band, as well as the other musicians featured, more than ably serve the material without ever overwhelming it.

Like her 1995 double-platinum gem, Now That I've Found You, this 16-song triumph spotlights Alison Krauss's solo work outside of her estimable band, Union Station (although its members show up occasionally), including five new Krauss-produced cuts making their debut here.

One of those, a cover of Don Williams's 1977 country chart-topper, "You're Just a Country Boy" (titled "I'm Just a Country Boy" in Williams's version) will level listeners right off the bat, launching the album in exquisite fashion.

Award-winning duets with Brad Paisley ("Whiskey Lullaby") and James Taylor ("How's the World Treating You") -- the latter a Louvin Brothers cover -- as well as collaborations with the Chieftains ("Molly Bán") from the legendary Irish group's Down the Old Plank Road: The Nashville Sessions) and Sting ("You Will Be My Ain True Love") make this anthology of oddities far from superfluous.

A Hundred Miles or More also boasts five new cuts, including "You're Just a Country Boy," "Simple Love," the gorgeous "Jacob's Dream," "Away Down the River," and "Sawing on the Strings," the latter of which harkens back to early, more bluegrass-oriented Krauss.

The band performs many of Krauss's most popular tunes like "Let Me Touch You For Awhile" as well as traditional favorites such as "Bright Sunny South" and "I am a Man of Constant Sorrow".

Grammy, CMA (Country Music Association) and IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) award winners, Alison Krauss & Union Station serve up another stellar album, once again setting the standard in their field.

A tender, winsome ballad, it's keyed by Krauss's voice at its most haunting, gently caressing lyrics describing an inner wealth money can't buy, as an undercurrent of sighing strings supports her honey-smooth reading.

The Union Station fellows (supplemented by the Abraham Laboriels, Jr.

The most unlikely duets are two with '80s pop star John Waite, one a countrified take on his signature hit "Missing You," the other a feather-light new love ballad, "Lay Down Beside Me." Always aiming for the heart, Krauss hits it dead center every time.