Apopka dating

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Apopka dating - dating calcutta girl

The biscuit itself was a little unusual in a good way. The donuts were $1.09 each and my sandwich was $2.99.I think two people in here could spend less than $15 if you are getting a sandwich, with a donut and a drink. I identified jelly filled donuts, seriously huge cinnamon buns and ‘butterflies’ which were even bigger.

Restaurant Cleanliness: A couple of tables needed attention with cleaning.

I was not rushed to eat or leave and you will find plenty of options.

I wish I could have identified all of the varieties of donuts.

I arrived here approximately 740PM tonight and it was worth the drive.

The atmosphere was very quiet while I was there, and sometimes I like to have a quiet experience without a lot of people around.

I was a little surprised but not disappointed by the location itself.

I thought the place was in a shopping strip but the restaurant is located inside of a Chevron gas station, which has no bearing on my review.

Dating Scene: This place is not on my radar for a date but if you want something low key and want something sweet, it is good for a quick stop with your significant other. There are more than enough tables for families or groups to sit.

The family may have a little sugar high out of here but who cares?

There was not much interaction after I received my food.

They did send me off with a ‘thank you,’ and a smile when I left, so I am happy with that.

Do not worry, I took plenty of pictures of the cases for you. Do not expect a ‘thrill’ element from the restaurant but consider it a fun spot to hang out if you have a few minutes.

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