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3) The battle between the forces and Bull Brigade – B occurs which began STEM Toru, Pandaan and arrived in Sibolga, after many casualties the two armies finally entered into negotiations in Sibolga which was attended by Dr. 2) While the time to wait for orders received in the weigh in East Sumatra, North Sumatra Police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner then DARWIN KARIM live in Sibolga with Staff-staff to take care of everything for Police Police stations have received throughout the South Tapanuli, Mas Kadiran ordered Company – C towards Sibolga Go to Company D and P.Sidempuan, Staff Member MBB-I-Aceh, North Sumatra in order to join the Mas Kadiran Sibolga.

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Nurdin To Police Resident Resident Tapanuli in calling facing Tapanuli Dr. FLTOBING to bring his troops into the field Sidempuan to avoid clashes between the Brigade – A and brigades – B. Tapanuli Malau to North and Central Tapanuli be submitted to the brigade and Army XI Tapanuli Navy Indonesia Weigh SOVEREIGNTY AND RECEIVED BY DUTCH POLICE In residency Tapanuli 1) Under the command of Police Chief of North Sumatra, in order to prepare troops MAS KADIRAN MBB-I-Aceh, North Sumatra Police to handover the Netherlands to the Indonesian police, with the news of the Joint Officer CAPTAIN IBRAHIM HAJI, on the appointed day the North Sumatra Police chief Mr Darwin Karim and Mas Kadiran with 2 Company MBB-I-Aceh, North Sumatra and 1 Battalion – B Mursalin Tello leaders went to Padang Sidempuan to weigh thank the Dutch police, from Padang Sidempuan continued to Sibolga and Tarutung, Weigh accept walk safely, orderly and smooth .

Copyright @ Dr Iwan Suwandy,2011 The Driwan’s Indonesia Independence Revolution And War Cybermuseum Indonesia Independence Revolution And War Collection part V in 1949 A. Markas Komando Djawa 1948-1949 k Abdul Haris Nasution Kol.

TNI beliefs (the last of the Five-Star Bigger General) that the soldiers who do not have the support of the people must be defeated.

1) So that was happening in Tapanuli of the strongest forces of East Sumatra was at loggerheads in Tapanuli, one party is in force Unity Bull Lead by the MAJOR L.

Malau and one more party-B Forces Brigade and the Brigade Leaders MAJOR Bejo-A led by Saragih ROS Two troops of the East Sumatra in Tapanuli berselih understand, so that the combined strength of weapons including XI Brigade became broken and each brings their way individual and eventually attack the Dormitory BATALIYON Brigade – XI in Padang Sidempuan.


BUKU YANG LENGKAP TERSEDIA BAGI YANG BERMINAT HUBUNGGI LIWAT KOMENTAR(COMMENT) DI WEB BLOG INI s ORRY FOR THE UNEDITED ARTICLES BELOW, I DID TO PROTEC T AGAINST THE COPY WITHOUT PERMISSSION Driwancybermuseum Homeoffic Copyrught @ Dr Iwan suwandy, MHA 2013 Forbidden to copy without written permission by the author INDONESIA INDEPENDENCE REVOLUTION AND WAR part V 1949 Base On Postal And Document Collections Created By Dr Iwan Suwandy, MHA Private Limited E-book Special For Collectors.3) With the approval of the 3 Commander, then on Apply Tapanuli troops to secure the area, then there was fighting in Sibolga, Tarutung, songs Boti, Porsea, until the Border Labuhan Batu, OLD MOUNTAIN, CITY LONG LINGGA Pinang.Finally, with the Wisdom of the Government of Indonesia Tapanuli, Chairman-chairman and Chairman of the Peoples Party in Tarutung, then there was peace in Pangaribuan to stop the fighting by both sides because Indonesia only harm and benefit the nation the Netherlands, with the result that the talks are not mutually agree to end strike each of the forces in drag to the parent Its units, troops MBB Tapanuli in Drag to Padang Sidempuan. The Tapanuli Brothers ‘s War 1) Some months duration Tapanuli area free of distractions Battle of the armed movement, but movement of the Dutch troops who are in Parapat not cease to infiltration by Divide and Conquer between the People by the People, the Army Forces, all the more so where the Force Commander has been no readiness so often drawn to the pitting, especially after the gathering of forces-forces of East Sumatra in Tapanuli, so that the number of troops in Tapanuli the friction between troops is very possible.In the Revolution of Independence I (1946-1948), when leading Siliwangi Division, Pak Nas pulled the second lesson. From this was born the idea of guerrilla warfare as a form of people’s war.Method of warfare is freely developed after Pak Nas became Commander of Java in the Revolution of Independence II (1948-1949).2) With the Militerisasikan MBK Tapanuli be YON IV MEN I TRI Brig XI under the Tactical Commander Brigade Regiment I Tapanuli XI MAJOR Panggabean and Technical MARADEN under Chief Residency Tapanuli. MBK / YON IV MEN – I Brig XI Tapanuli IN muster to Parapat 1) Dutch aggression in East Sumatra expanding cities in Sumatra in the East was controlled by the Dutch and the Dutch would extend their area by going to the area Parapat.

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    Having photographed three of the four days, I took well over a thousand photos of attendees dressed in their costumes.