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Berdasarkan perintah tersebut MAS KADIRAN dengan Pasukannya berangkat ke Parapat.2) Setibanya di Parapat MAS KADIRAN mengadakan Koordinasi dengan Pasukan RESIMEN III TAPANULI dibawah Komando LETKOL JANSEN SIAHAAN dan dalam Koordinasi ini di sepakati bahwa MAS KADIRAN sebagai KOMANDAN PERTEMPURAN di Parapat guna membendung gerak Pasukan Belanda.

original info in Indonesia language: MOBILE BRIGADE KERESIDENAN TAPANULI DI MILITERISASI 1) Berdasarkan Ketetapan dewan Pertahanan Daerah Tapanuli Pasukan MOBILE BRIGADE KERESIDNENAN TAPANULI di Militerisasikan menjadi BATALYON IV RESIMEN I TRI BRIGADE XI TAPANULI dan MAS KADIRAN menjadi KOMANDAN BATALYON IV RESIMEN-I TRI BRIGADE XI dengan Pangkat MAYOR TRI (Tentara Republik Indonesia ) dengan jumlah Pasukan sebanyak 380 orang lengkap dengan senjatanya termasuk Senjata Berat (Meriam) dan Panser Wagon Lezonik dengan Amunisi serta Cadangan Senjata dan Amunisi.Dalam Revolusi Kemerdekaan I (1946-1948), ketika memimpin Divisi Siliwangi, Pak Nas menarik pelajaran kedua. Dari sini lahir gagasannya tentang perang gerilya sebagai bentuk perang rakyat.Metode perang ini dengan leluasa dikembangkannya setelah Pak Nas menjadi Panglima Komando Jawa dalam masa Revolusi Kemerdekaan II (1948-1949).2) With the Militerisasikan MBK Tapanuli be YON IV MEN I TRI Brig XI under the Tactical Commander Brigade Regiment I Tapanuli XI MAJOR Panggabean and Technical MARADEN under Chief Residency Tapanuli. MBK / YON IV MEN – I Brig XI Tapanuli IN muster to Parapat 1) Dutch aggression in East Sumatra expanding cities in Sumatra in the East was controlled by the Dutch and the Dutch would extend their area by going to the area Parapat.Based on the Regional Defense Command Council Tapanuli and MEN-I Commander Brig IV MAJOR Tapanuli MARADEN Panggabean order Yon IV Force Brig XI MEN-I leave for Parapat Dutch troops to hold its speed of movement.Copyright @ Dr Iwan Suwandy,2011 The Driwan’s Indonesia Independence Revolution And War Cybermuseum Indonesia Independence Revolution And War Collection part V in 1949 A. Markas Komando Djawa 1948-1949 k Abdul Haris Nasution Kol.

TNI beliefs (the last of the Five-Star Bigger General) that the soldiers who do not have the support of the people must be defeated.

Forces MBK / YON – IV MEN – MEN I and members – aided III Society makes Defense Barricades arranged in a big way from AEK Nauli to Parapat and conduct reconnaissance and Pos-Pos Defense in Relay from AEK Nauli to Parapat 3) On day 15 in Parapat obtained news from investigators that the Dutch troops were 15 km from Aek Nauli, the troops under the command MAS KADIRAN ready to fight by way of ambush and destruction in Aek Nauli, at 03.00. Wib pass-Battle fierce battle in a big way Aek Nauli – Parapat. Wib appear 2 Aircraft by firing on the Dutch Defense – defense and an important place in Parapat, the emergence of two Dutch-owned Aircraft Defense Forces opened fire on a split MAS KADIRAN resulting Blind Defense Forces become fragmented and MAS KADIRAN ordered his troops to retreat to Parapat.

In this battle forces suffered many losses KADIRAN MAS.

In this case his Battalion Commander Dies 2) With the crisis MAS KADIRAN MBK Chief Commissioner KLS I Tapanuli and M. TOBING in the talks that Chief MBK Tapanuli MAS KADIRAN firmly take the road side with brigade-B in South Tapanuli and MAS KADIRAN appealed to Chief Resident Tapanuli Dr. Completed negotiations then Brigade – B led MAJOR Bejo, supported by MAS KADIRAN back to South Tapanuli Bull Forces Leadership and L.

Nurdin To Police Resident Resident Tapanuli in calling facing Tapanuli Dr. FLTOBING to bring his troops into the field Sidempuan to avoid clashes between the Brigade – A and brigades – B. Tapanuli Malau to North and Central Tapanuli be submitted to the brigade and Army XI Tapanuli Navy Indonesia Weigh SOVEREIGNTY AND RECEIVED BY DUTCH POLICE In residency Tapanuli 1) Under the command of Police Chief of North Sumatra, in order to prepare troops MAS KADIRAN MBB-I-Aceh, North Sumatra Police to handover the Netherlands to the Indonesian police, with the news of the Joint Officer CAPTAIN IBRAHIM HAJI, on the appointed day the North Sumatra Police chief Mr Darwin Karim and Mas Kadiran with 2 Company MBB-I-Aceh, North Sumatra and 1 Battalion – B Mursalin Tello leaders went to Padang Sidempuan to weigh thank the Dutch police, from Padang Sidempuan continued to Sibolga and Tarutung, Weigh accept walk safely, orderly and smooth .

original info in Indonesian language: Keyakinan Kol.

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