Backdating economic hardship deferrment

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Backdating economic hardship deferrment

.problem is that you're given 2 weeks to do the paperwork and send it back to them.Its impossible to do this since the post office only delivers/collects post 5 days a week.

Searching the net for contact details for HSL and found this website.geanted i am trying to dodge them because they are hassling me but do these goons ever give up - this is nothing but pure harassment Just wanted to add - the post above is very helpful, I intend to put as much complaining in as is possible and i urge everyone else to aswell.I have deferred my payments with no trouble until last year when for some reason HSL took over my account, I gave them all the information they needed to defer but still they kept coming back with payment requests, I ignored it as it was their mistake and continued sending my deferment forms to confirm i could not pay.Over the past three months I have been receiving silent and nuisance phone calls for Honours Student Loan Company.Each time they have called regarding my account and each time I have requested a loan deferral form, as I am earning below the repayment fresh hold.Well, the SLC are appalling if you're living overseas. I'm doing a Ph D overseas and the length of the course is 7 to 8 years...however the SLC despite the fact that I'm registered at a university don't believe that the Uni even exists. That's only one of the many complains that I can talk about.

Amongst other problems they've caused is that they charge me for their inability to comprehend that they shouldn't use a bulk mailer based in the Netherlands to sent their mail to Canada.

Keep a record of your communications as it maybe useful as evidence.

Remember you are not alone and if enough of us start kicking up a stink, we might just get something done about it! Honours Student Loans Selectapost 30 Rotherham S97 3ZY Tel: 0870 6000 137 (Generally a waste of time calling) Kelly MP, Ruth Secretary of State for Education and Skills Sanctuary Buildings Great Smith Street London SW1P 3BT [email protected]/ Tel: 08 (National Rate) Ofcom Ofcom is the independent regulator watchdog and competition authority for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services.

Thought I was the only one getting nuisance calls from them.

No problems with Student Loan Company until it was taken over by this bunch of idiots.

Eventually when they said they got it, they ended up losing the supporting documentation (WHAT!! Is anyone able to set up a website in order to bring this monkey mafioso down. Suggestions of a name for the website much appreciated.

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