Benefits of dating short girls

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Benefits of dating short girls - fender lap steel guitars dating

I also have a baby face, so I’m almost always mistaken for being at least five years younger than I actually am (but I’m told I’ll appreciate that one day). ” Thanks for the (rude) reminder, guys, but I do own a mirror. But in the end, I would never trade my height with anyone (and if I really want to add a few inches, I know how to rock a pair of heels). Oh, and I’m never thrilled when new people I meet feel the need to tell me I’m petite. Being short is just a part of who I am–and that might sound corny, but I like to think of it as one of my defining features.

At 14-years-old, I had reached 5’0, and I knew in my heart I was done growing (and I really was). Not only could I squeeze through crowds better than anyone I knew, but boys were always calling me “cute” and “adorable” and resting their arms on my shoulders.I brush shoulders with most 8-year-olds, and anyone who has even begun the descent into puberty unfailingly stares down at me.People always think you’re younger than you are because of your height.Here are 29 struggles that she-hobbits face every day: As a kid, your friends liked to fantasize about their future modeling careers.But not you — you've been practical your whole life, so you've always known better.I wasn’t exactly blessed in the height department, being just under 5’3" tall.

Sometimes this can be a bit of a nuisance, both in a practical sense and in how people treat you.I surely am a short girl — an unquestionably short girl.Like, we’re talking 4’11” on a good day, kind of short.However, being on the short side does have its advantages, and can make life a lot easier …If I feel a little cramped in airline seats, then what must it be like for someone who is 6’ tall?It’s the same story with theatres and cinemas – you must have noticed how some people have to sit with their legs at a sideways angle.You can shop in the kids section for clothes, which is MUCH cheaper.

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