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It scored top marks for healthcare, education and infrastructure, but 90 for stability and 94.4 for culture.

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making Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, effectively a single city, for instance.'The second firm racing to make the concept a reality - Hyperloop Transportation Technologies - has also reportedly made inroads intot the UK, discussing the potential for a £50 million (m) investment through the government's investment agency, Innovate UK.Australia's 'sunniest capital city', Perth mixes vibrant city culture with stunning nature and is home to some gorgeous beaches.Top ten: Auckland in New Zealand scored top marks for its education.Like Melbourne, it scored maximum marks in terms of healthcare, education and infrastructure, and matched the city in terms of stability.But surprisingly, given that the Austrian capital is steeped in history, it fell short in the culture and environment category with a score of 94.4.Sydney is a great place to live if you like watersports, surfing, seafood and wine.

Eighth: The Finnish capital scored top marks for stability and healthcare and impressive scores of 96.4 for infrastructure, 91.7 for education and 90 for culture and environment.The city claims that everyone lives within half hour of a beautiful beach, a hiking trail and 'a dozen enchanted holiday islands'.'The reason for that is there’s a clear long-term need for ultra-fast transport on the Australian east coast,' Dr James, who is vice-president for worldwide business development in passenger systems, said.It gained third spot thanks to its 95 out of 100 ranking in terms of stability and a 92.9 mark for infrastructure.The city is known for its majestic natural beauty located between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific ocean.But its overall marked was dragged down by an 88.7 score for culture and environment.

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