Black dating bay area

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Black dating bay area

Millionaire." In 1970, after a pot bust in Oakland, a judge revoked Bear's bail, and he served two years at Terminal Island near the Los Angeles Harbor."If you make some, you've got to move some to get some money to make it," he says now.

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The members of the Grateful Dead remember living with Bear for several months in 1966 in Los Angeles, where the refrigerator contained only bottles of milk and a slab of steak, meat they fried and ate straight out of the pan.

By 1956, he was in the Air Force, specializing in electronics and radar.

Later, Bear studied ballet, acting and Russian, worked in jet propulsion labs as well as radio and television, and then entered UC Berkeley in 1963, but lasted less than a year. He found the recipe for making LSD in the Journal of Organic Chemistry at the UC Berkeley library. The Berkeley police raided his first lab in 1966 and confiscated a substance that they claimed was methedrine.

In December 1967, agents arrested him at his secret lab in Orinda.

The "LSD Millionaire" headline in The Chronicle prompted the Dead to write the song "Alice D.

"There was no such thing until Bear started making one." Bear made the first public address system specifically dedicated to music in 1966. "He can be very anal retentive, on a certain level, on a genius level," says Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane.

If he was the first concert sound engineer in rock music to take his job seriously, his habit of making tape recordings of the shows he mixed also gave the Dead an unprecedented archive of live recordings dating back to the band's first days. "I've seen him send his eggs back three times at Howard Johnson's." His all-meat diet is a well-known example."But then you had to give a lot away to keep the street price down. Then, of course, I felt an obligation." Bear, chemist to Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, was involved with the Dead almost from the band's beginnings at Kesey's notorious Acid Tests.So anyway, I'm sort of embedded in this thing that I'm tangled up in. Bear was the Dead's first patron and, briefly, their manager.For more than 20 years, Stanley -- at 72, still known as the Bear -- has been living with his wife, Sheila, off the grid, in the outback of Queensland, Australia, where he makes small gold and enamel sculptures and keeps in touch with the world through the Internet.As a planned two-week visit to the Bay Area stretched to three, four and then five weeks, Bear agreed to give The Chronicle an interview because a friend asked him.Having lost one of his vocal cords, he speaks only in a whispered croak these days.

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