Black eyed peas dating

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"The habit of black-eyed peas and collards may not be one that the younger generation — that is, millennials like my son — follow religiously — but who knows? "He's a vegetarian, so he certainly eats rice and beans a lot, as do many in his generation (and mine for that matter), so maybe in a few years he'll realize he needs to cook these items at least annually." "Heck yes they do!

Black-eyed peas were cultivated in Africa over 5,000 years ago, historian Jessica B.

Harris explained in her op-ed, "Prosperity Starts with a Pea," in December 2010.

In the 1700s, black-eyed peas, exported during the transatlantic slave trade, were planted in the Carolinas and "eaten by enslaved Africans and poorer whites," Harris wrote.

And the foods eaten by slaves eventually moved their way up to the master's table, where black-eyed peas became a staple ingredient in the dish Hoppin' John, made with black-eyed peas, rice and pork.

He noted that others may eat variations on pork and greens for the holiday, but "black-eyed peas and greens are the king here in Texas and the southern U.

S." There is, of course, one more reason to eat the two together on New Year's: nutrition.

But why has eating this Southern dish become a New Year's tradition? American currency, however, is nothing like the dark green hue of cooked collards and at no point have we used puny, white pea-sized balls as change.

While some may still eat collards and peas for this reason to ring in the new year, the tradition dates hundreds of years back in American history and even further back across the Atlantic.

"Just as nobody is sure of the origin of the name Hoppin' John, no one seems quite certain why the dish has become associated with luck, or New Year's," Harris wrote.

One theory (which has also been called a of eating black-eyed peas for fertility and luck continues through today for the Jewish New Year.

He also noted that leafy greens are likened to dollar bills in America, though greens are eaten for luck in various other countries, too.

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