Blackwood new jersey dating

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Blackwood new jersey dating

Three Dots A three-dot tattoo that stands for Mi Vida Loca or My Crazy Life. United Blood Line A prison gang to unite all Bloods.

This tattoo is supposed to indicate that the person has committed a homicide or at least assaulted someone so severely as to cause great bodily injury. Folk (6-Points) People (5-Points) Strapped Carrying a gun Street Code A set of rules accepted by gang members. – T – Taco Bell This is used by the Bloods and stands for Take All Crips Out – Bloods Eventually Live Longer.

Wearing your Colors To be dressed in your gang’s colors or other identifiers. It indicates that the person wearing it has stolen an item off of a dead person and they may even be wearing it.

White Devil White Men White Homeland A place that only “whites” will leave. Wings, Black Used by Motorcycle gangs and represents that the member has orally copulated a black females genitals.

WAR White Aryan Resistance Warlock A male witch or practitioner of Satanism. Warlord This is used by the motorcycle gangs and stands for the Sergeant of Arms.

Water This sign is used by the Occult and is used to symbolize Christ.

Violation This is used by both the Folk and People and means to violate a law of your gang.

Visa This is used by the Hispanic and stands for the Vice President of Arms.

Member Of Blood Monetary Gangs A gang that is based on the acquiring of financial gain.

It is the color that Northern California Hispanic gang members identify with.

Spider Webs This is a prison tattoo that is often on the elbows and shoulders of persons who have been in prison.

It stands for the dust the spider web collects while sitting idle in prison. This represents the increasing knowledge of truth in the Black Nation. Swastika The German symbol used during World War II.

SRIW Super Race Is White SS This is used by White Supremacy. Tear Drop A teardrop tattoo next to the eye indicates that they have served time. Tear Drop May also represent the death of a gang member Texas Style Texas Syndicate TOS Terminate On Site – Permission from the gang’s leader to kill someone whenever they are seen.