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Sure, there are definitely people out there who are naturally chill.However, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that truly chill people are few and far between.

Because she’ll swap you for a guy that treats her like a princess.

I knew that my intensity wasn’t going to tone down once I was in a relationship — and it hasn’t.

But now I see that intensity as one of the things that’s great about me, not something I should feel bad about.

Then your love for each other will naturally grow as you do what makes for a truly great, long-lasting relationship — complement each other.

So instead of looking for someone to complete, and for someone to complete you, be complete in and of yourself first.

But reality is far from what is portrayed in the movies, and the romance movie genre is one of the worst offenders.

Do you really want to be dating only part of a person? Someone who is so needy of your attention and affection that they latch onto you and just won’t let go? When you think about it this way, it becomes obvious — of course you don’t want that kind of man. Men want a woman who knows who she is and what she wants in life and is confident in herself and her abilities. We all have our faults, but being complete means you understand these faults and know they are yours and yours alone.

Why make it harder by pretending to feel differently than you actually do? Did everyone get a memo in the mid-aughts that I missed saying that enthusiastic was out and chill was in?

Be true to who are and if you are is someone who gets really excited about things, get excited!

Ladies, what do you think of the, “You complete me,” phrase?

I always flouted the standard dating advice of waiting for a guy to call me first or not responding right away to text messages, moves that probably did scare off a guy or two in my dating history.

They’re not caused by your partner and you are the only person that can change these traits.