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What’s interesting here, apart from the young Lee Morgan smiling to camera, is the location: Thing is, I’ve only imagined it. The visible catalogue numbers are all adjacent: 1569, 1559, 15.None is higher than 1569 or lower than 1555, no boxes of repressing of older or newer titles other titles.

The late Fifties were years in men’s fashion for dressing according to your station in life, especially in workwear: the higher the position the smarter the suit.There is space in a box of that size for only around 75 LPs in their jackets.To reach a count over 200 they must be only the bare vinyl, no doubt in a plain white thin paper inner sleeve to protect those precious factory-fresh unplayed mint surfaces.That address remained on the Blue Note label until late 1961, and as the back cover address (send for catalogue) until the first few months of 1960, when it changed to 43 West 61st Street, and began operating from two sites.The photographer could have been Francis Wolff, who would have been on site at Blue Note headquarters (when not at Hackensack taking portraits), or someone else, unknown.According to Schwann Catalogues, the four titles indicated on the boxes were released in August and September of 1957, which gives us an approximate date for the photograph, late Summer 1957, perhaps late August.could be a Senator model, which appeared in the later half of the ’50s. Was it a gift, perhaps from Helen if she was around at this time ?

Could be why he’s showing it off in the portrait, a “coded message”, sort of thing people do. I’m reminded of the line of Danny Devito in the film The shoes are at least low maintenance!

So Lee had business matters with Blue Note regarding his release 1575 City Lights, or indeed other business matters with Lion.

With his star rising perhaps a good time to ask for a raise, maybe that’s why he’s smiling. The best auction price achieved for each title is: 1569 Chambers 24 1559 Griffin ,800 1555 Blakey 6 1558 Rollins 5 1567 Fuller ,090 Blakey’s not really setting pulses racing, but ah, the Johnny Griffin.

, looks to me three deep as are others, though one other stack two deep.

Each stack appear to be dedicated to a particular title.

Google Reverse Image Search yields no matches, so I conclude you may not have seen it before either, seems to have no online presence, may be just in the Francis Wolff collection or some other archive. Behind Lee, along the wall of the stockroom, is a consignment of boxes addressed for delivery to “BLUE NOTE”, numbered with Blue Note catalogue numbers, and what on the face of it seems a count of the number of LPs in each box – mostly 215, and some 220 or 225.

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