Catholic religion rules for dating

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The New Testament does not come with its own list as to which writings would go into it.The difference with the Protestant Old Testament and the Catholic one is about which version was used in the time of Jesus.

The Holy Trinity is one of the teachings of almost every Fundamentalist community (but not all of them) that is not specifically in the Bible.There was no such thing, of course of anyone having his/her own copy of the bible to look things up.Protestants will cite the passage that “All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for refutation, for correction, and for training in righteousness…” (2 Tim ) but it does not say only scripture.However, not every belief in Catholicism is to be found word-for-word in Sacred Scripture.teachings of the Church, however, are in harmony with Sacred Scripture.Almost all of Paul’s letters were composed before any of the gospels were written.

Paul tells us in Acts when he addresses the people in Aramaic, he states that he was educated “at the feet of Gamaliel” which is quite significant because Gamaliel was a master of the oral law/tradition.

In fact, Paul’s instruction on the celebration of the Eucharist itself (1 Cor. Paul then goes still further and tells the young bishop Timothy to entrust to faithful people that which he (Timothy) heard from Paul even by way of “many witnesses” (2 Tim. For a good article explaining still more about Tradition, go to this site: As for the Magisterium, it is the teaching office of the Church.

Even though the Church came first, it still serves Sacred Scripture and tradition. All bishops by their ordination have this special gift of the Holy Spirit so long as they are in communion with the Holy Father.

For a better understanding of the Magisterium read my article here.

The Magisterium is the interpreter of both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition just as the U. Supreme Court is the guardian and interpreter of the Constitution.

I am uncertain as to why Protestants kept to the Hebrew version of the OT and rejected the version clearly used by Jesus.