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Documenting and explaining a vanishing biodiversity are major challenges in evolutionary and ecological research, but understanding biodiversityis an essential step towards halting its loss and the degradation of ecosystem services, a headline target of EU 2020 biodiversity strategy.Cavesare isolated and extreme habitats that, like oceanic islands, offer unparalleled opportunities for biodiversity research.

We had the opportunity to discuss some of the bizarre sexual behaviors exhibited by spiders in front a highly-motivated audience of naturalists, scientists and interested people.National parks play a key role in preserving representative natural landscapes for future generations.Understanding the spatial patterns of biodiversity and their underlying processes is a fundamental task for conservation biology.Thanks to people organizing the Pint of Beer 2017 (Héctor Martínez) and the Seminari on “Sexe, desenvolupament I evolució” (Aida Viza) Link PINT of beer: ICHN facebook https:// lab first participation in the Asian arachnological meetings.Plenary lecture by Miquel Arnedo on arachnid genomics “Through the looking glass: How high throughput sequencing technologies are revolutionizing our understanding of arachnid diversity and evolution”. Thanks to Zhisheng Zhang, Shuqiang Li and all the people that may all that possible.By projecting potential distributions under predicted scenarios ofglobal warming, I will predict future habitat suitability and assess vulnerability of this unique and fragile fauna This project aims at gaining a better understanding of the origins of biological diversity and its dynamics in time and space by using a species-rich spider group as a model system.

The project seeks to bring together and consolidate a high-quality research program in systematics and evolutionary biology that addresses fundamental questions in biology: How many species are there out there?

We study biological evolution in a phylogenetic framework, boosting traditional natural history approaches with modern molecular tools to infer genealogical information, delimit species and accelerate biological inventories.

We frequently conduct our research on isolated ecosystems (e.g.

Here we propose to circumvent these limitations by combining standarized sampling protocols developed for Mediterranean spiders with modern DNA based taxonomic techniques to gain a better understanding of the diversity of spiders in the Iberian peninsula and their biogeographic and evolutionary patterns.

Sentinel organisms provide helpful guidelines for conservation and management.

Despite of their reputedly stable climatic conditions, recent studies show thatglobal warming may impact subterranean habitats by rising temperatures and, consequently, threatening troglobionts, which have low tolerance totemperature variations, causing the reduction of optimal habitat and driving narrowly distributed species to extinction.

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