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The main motivation behind the lab's research is to understand the origins of biological diversity.Our research focuses on inventorying biodiversity and unveiling the processes that shape temporal and spatial dynamics of life.

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Because of the difficulty to access and explore caves and the rarity of cave dwelling organisms, the study of the subterranean realm has laggedbehind the research conducted in other experimental ecosystems.

Thanks to people organizing the Pint of Beer 2017 (Héctor Martínez) and the Seminari on “Sexe, desenvolupament I evolució” (Aida Viza) Link PINT of beer: ICHN facebook https:// lab first participation in the Asian arachnological meetings.

Plenary lecture by Miquel Arnedo on arachnid genomics “Through the looking glass: How high throughput sequencing technologies are revolutionizing our understanding of arachnid diversity and evolution”. Thanks to Zhisheng Zhang, Shuqiang Li and all the people that may all that possible.

to Alberto, Josué and Oscar to invite us to showcase some of the ongoing research at the lab in front such an inspiring audience.

Videoconference available at https:// VXJp ZWayc YQ/videos Climate warming and other anthropogenic perturbations are affecting ecosystems worldwide, contributing to the sixth mass extinction.

Despite of their reputedly stable climatic conditions, recent studies show thatglobal warming may impact subterranean habitats by rising temperatures and, consequently, threatening troglobionts, which have low tolerance totemperature variations, causing the reduction of optimal habitat and driving narrowly distributed species to extinction.

HIDDENLIFE project aims toimprove our understanding of one of the top biodiversity hotspots in Europe–the Dinarides, and its unique cave fauna, to ensure its conservationand future well-being.They exhibit high habitat fidelity, limited potential for dispersal and restricted distributional ranges.Moreover, they are abundantly present in most Mediterranean habitats.They can be used to assess ecosystem or environmental integrity and to identify and prioritize biodiversity hotspot regions.The spider infraorder Mygalomorphae is exceptionally well-suited for monitoring conservation status of terrestrial ecosystems in the Meditteranean basin.This is specially relevant for top predators, which rather than being a simple “aesthetic” component to conserve, have been recently demonstrated to be: 1) the most sensitive trophic level to environmental changes, and 2) highly relevant for ecosystem functioning, being their extinction a cause for extremely important changes in functions such as disease dynamics, wild fires and biogeochemical cycles.

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