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On Word Press linking text to any external URL or existing content is a piece of cake but not to your Media files.

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For example, you would use the template to include comments.The most critical template file is template, typically themes include numerous templates to display different content types and contexts.Top ↑ A template partial is a piece of a template that is included as a part of another template, such as a site header.They are called the theme editor and the plugin editor.(Please note that, depending on the level of user privileges that you have, you may or may not be able to access these features in the administrative panel of your blog.More information on editing themes is available at Theme Development and Using Themes.

You can learn more about editing plugins at Writing a Plugin and Plugin Resources.

The Template Hierarchy describes which template file Word Press will load based on the type of request and whether the template exists in the theme.

The server then parses the PHP in the template and returns HTML to the visitor.

Especially when working remotely, having a complete list of Word Press files available online can help expedite the attack-recovery process. bring a snack, knife, and some flint to improve your chances.

We're looking at default download/unzip of Word Press version 3.3.2 — a complete list of all files in all directories in alphabetical order.

To edit a file using the built-in Word Press plugin and theme editors, the permissions for that file must be set to writable (at least 604).