Consolidating contracting microscope

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Once my wife stops working, I’d like to spend a third of the year in America (where my family lives), a third of the year in Scotland (where my wife’s family lives), and a third of the year somewhere else in the world.

Since my initial plan was to fund my discretionary spending with supplemental income, I decided to focus on building my supplemental income streams but chose to limit the work to only opportunities that had unlimited upside (i.e.

To be honest, I will likely work longer than I actually need to because I think I’m going to have trouble finally pulling the plug.

For the past year, I’ve finally allowed myself to spend freely, which after a decade of watching every penny has been a great change.

Last year, I asked you what you’d like to see more of on this site and the biggest request was to see more stories of people who are on the path to early financial independence so today I am introducing the series, the series where we peak behind the curtain of someone’s journey to financial independence and offer advice to help them reach FI even sooner!

The second most-popular request from my survey was that you wanted me to write more about my personal story so to kick things off, I decided to go under the microscope first!

Before finding ERE, I had used my savings to fund multi-month sabbaticals from work every few years but I wasn’t really saving for anything in particular (I just liked the idea of having a lot of money in the bank and a portfolio to manage).

Once the FI lightbulb went off in my head though, I put every spare dollar towards the pursuit of financial independence and started doing a lot of research to figure out how to get there even quicker.

My discretional spending would then be funded by my supplemental income from my side projects (i.e.

websites, mobile apps, etc.) that I enjoyed working on and planned to continue after leaving my job.

My girlfriend (now wife) and I bought our first house together and luckily sold it for over 50% more than we bought it for, just two and a half years later (immediately before the financial world collapsed), and that became the base I’ve been building on ever since.

I was an above-average saver throughout my 20s but it wasn’t until I stumbled on that my savings went into overdrive.

Since I had never been a frivolous spender and already had relatively low expenses, my strategy focused primarily on the income side of the equation.

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