Consolidating democracy in ghana

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Significantly, Ghana experienced what I term “the Strengthening of Democracy” after the ruling government led by Jerry Rawlings peacefully handed over power to the opposition New Patriotic Party who had been elected into office.On January 7, 2001 President Kufour took the oath of office as President of Ghana and after his re-election in December 2004 for a second tenure in office.

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Over the years, Ghana has shown significant growth in her capacity to institutionalize democracy, particularly during election periods.

Ghanaians went to the polls in 2012 after a keenly contested election between the two major political parties; National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

For this reason Ghana has passed the notion of the two turn-over test propounded by Huntington.

Ghana in the past two decades has exhibited a strong democratic force where authoritarian regimes have been put to null.

Andreas Schedler (1997) in his publication on “Concepts of Democratic Consolidation” outlined five notions of DC: avoiding democratic breakdown, avoiding democratic erosion, institutionalizing democracy, completing democracy and deepening democracy.

It also meant the absence of state violence; the existence of a multi-party system to promote political competition; independent electoral institutions to ensure a transparent election outcome, active civic inclusion and participation.

Ghana’s democracy is said to be consolidated as it has satisfied (more or less) the notions outlined by the Schedler (1997).Ghana after transiting to democratic rule in 1992 has successfully conducted six elections to the admiration of all at both local and international level.Admittedly, the rise and fall of tensions especially in the 2012 elections with the election results being challenged in the Supreme Court could not hinder Ghana’s democracy.Consequently, by the end of the year 2008, Ghana had had two governments in power from different political parties.The 2008 elections also gave room for the opposition party to be elected with Evans Atta Mills as President and his Vice took over after his demise.Democracy has been strengthened in diverse ways and we have seen Ghana’s democracy consolidated since it has satisfied the various notions of Scholars like Andreas Schedler and Samuel Huntington.