Consolidating democracy in ghana

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Ghana after transiting to democratic rule in 1992 has successfully conducted six elections to the admiration of all at both local and international level.Admittedly, the rise and fall of tensions especially in the 2012 elections with the election results being challenged in the Supreme Court could not hinder Ghana’s democracy.

Schedler wrote “once a transition from authoritarian rule in a given country has reached a point where (more or less) free, (more or less) fair, and (more or less) competitive elections are held, democratic actors often cannot afford to lean back, relax, and enjoy the “bounded uncertainty” of democratic rule”.Consequently, by the end of the year 2008, Ghana had had two governments in power from different political parties.The 2008 elections also gave room for the opposition party to be elected with Evans Atta Mills as President and his Vice took over after his demise.Democracy is characterized by values such as transparency, accountability, rule of law, respect of fundamental human rights, free press and mass media, as well as free and fair periodic elections.To acknowledge a country as having a consolidated democracy, means these values intrinsic of democracy is in full force as it is institutionalized for all to enjoy.(Democracy’s Third Wave) As Schedler (1997) wrote, DC of a country connotes the avoidance of erosion of democracy.

By implication, there must be no military supremacy rather the State must have autonomy.The various stakeholders of elections; Media, Electorate, Security Agency, EC and Political Parties have been educated in diverse ways.The media has been educated on the need for them to give equal coverage to all political parties and be circumspect, fair and honest in their reportage.Ghana in the past two decades has exhibited a strong democratic force where authoritarian regimes have been put to null.Andreas Schedler (1997) in his publication on “Concepts of Democratic Consolidation” outlined five notions of DC: avoiding democratic breakdown, avoiding democratic erosion, institutionalizing democracy, completing democracy and deepening democracy.Political Parties and Politicians in past years have an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner which will not disrupt peace in Ghana.