Consolidating my superannuation

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Consolidating my superannuation

Get in touch If you’re thinking of opening a pension account, consider consolidating your super first.

Better yet, if you login to My AMP all of your details will be pre-populated, making it even easier to consolidate your super and saving you time.

Our online service will allow you to regularly keep up to date with your account details and balances all in the one spot on the one device.

You don’t need to go to your Super fund anymore and wait on the phone for a customer service operator to answer your call and then go through a complicated validation process.

We do not provide any advice or help for Deceased Estates or withdrawals for Financial Hardship.

We are always on the look out to make it as easy as possible for our clients to take control of their superannuation.

The Tax man will collect your inactive super in October- Make sure you roll it over to a current fund. Go to Find My super helps reduce the amount of lost super by 17% ATO held monies increases by 18% to 6.9 million At 30 June 2016, over 14.8 million Australians had a super fund account.

Approximately 43% of these people have more than one super account.

In line with the launch we have now made the Super Search a FREE Service we offer to our clients.

We have found thousands of accounts for our clients and have helped consolidate tens of millions of dollars.

On average our clients have consolidated accounts with balances in excess of ,000.

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