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Even a beginning collector could buy a PSA graded card with the utmost confidence.

Fire it is hot angry and destructive, sometimes even explosive. Sometimes with faced with opposition, water is better than fire. Now a hawk is big and a predator to the smaller birds.

Below, I’ll outline the specific scam and what measures need to be taken to avoid this specific scam and scams of a similar nature.

The scam, which originated in California, involved selling high dollar counterfeit cards in legitimate PSA holders.

Even though PSA claims to have a “tamper evident” holder, it is quite easy to open the holder without damaging it.

Once the holder is opened, the “flip” (label) and card are removed and replaced with a counterfeit card and flip.

When it became dangerous for them they fled- even if it meant they had to leave an easy feeder and seek out other food sources.

They took the chance that the hawk might give chase, but that was their best option and they took it.

Only the most knowledgeable collectors and dealers, who were familiar with the intricacies of the cards, such as printing techniques and card stock properties, were able to comfortably buy higher dollar cards without the threat of being cheated.

The common collector was a prime candidate to be taken advantage of.

I sometimes look to nature for inspiration in times of stress, just a little thing I do to try to cope.

For instance if you look at a tree and think of all they go through- wind, rain, snow and ice. They may sustain damage, but as long as that trunk, that core survives the tree will survive. A steady stream of water pouring onto a stone will eventually erode the stone.

But eventually a fire will burn itself out when it devours all the fuel sources available to feed it. And no matter how much those birds were enjoying the feeder they did not stay to protect an easy food source, they were not going to stay around and be preyed upon.

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