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The most common scenario where men and women that have cheated state that they didn’t plan to cheat, it “just happened.” Then once it happened, they found themselves continuing with the cheating relationship/relationships.Although the person didn’t plan to cheat, I assert that it still was a choice.

Men who are wealthy are described as cheaters because they feel there is a price for anything, thus they can buy what and who they want.Cheating Myths Debunked Myth #1: If you are a beautiful and sexy woman, or a handsome well-built man, your spouse will not cheat on you.The level of attractiveness of a man or a woman in and of itself is not an indicator of whether or not they will be cheated on.I have seen couples that rarely have sex and there is no cheating, and for others there is.Rare sexual relations with your spouse isn’t a guarantee of cheating, although do note that it is a warning sign that may lead to cheating and you would be foolish to ignore it. Cheating can be prevented far more often than it is.Then how does that explain the fact that poor men cheat, too? This external blame means that a person can offer a reason why they did what they did and rather than taking ownership of their own behavior, they can blame some default within them that is out of their control, leading to the problem behavior.

Whether you are a man or woman, with a mental illness or you have no mental illness, you are powerful or are not, rich or poor, a celebrity or not, know this; there are those who do cheat and there are those who don’t. They can point their finger at mental illness, power, etc., as though it is some external “thing” where the cheating behavior becomes viewed as a symptom of a bigger problem.Lack of attention goes hand in hand with a lack of feeling appreciated.This longing and void leads a person to desire the feeling of attentiveness, appreciation and in essence: feeling valued and wanted.The question; Why Does A Spouse Cheat – is often asked of this relationship expert.The most common reason for infidelity, cheating myths debunked, cheater personality style, the definition of an affair, are all explained in a blog article I wrote in response to a request to be a guest blogger for If you wish to learn concrete cheating prevention strategies, the top 6 signs to tell if your spouse will or is cheating, how your marriage at any stage can last, how to help your marriage be happy and successful, re-boot and re-connect your couple relationship – my newest book release, as seen on : Infidelity – Cheating is an Epidemic Statistics show that someone either has cheated, is currently cheating, or will cheat in 80% of all marriages over the course of the marriage. Current statistics vary slightly as to what percentage of men versus what percentage of women is cheating.Question If the #1 reason why people cheat is because their spouse isn’t paying attention to them, then why do some people cheat when they aren’t receiving attention from their spouse and others don’t?

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