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some lights and the power needed to operate the numerous 12V circuit boards in a modern RV. operating an inverter or running a pump for extended periods, the RC (Reserve Capacity) rating is more meaningful. Return to top of page An integral part of the suspension of a motorhome.On older gas motorhome chassis, an air bag might be used inside each of the two front supension coils to provide additional capacity to the front suspension.

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Return to top of page A system of approximately 4,000 designated motorhome only short-stay locations throughout France.The roof-mounted antenna is usually connected via coaxial cable to an amplifier unit inside the RV to improve the signal strength in outlying areas.Connection from the amplifier to the TV set is also via coaxial cable.At a 100 amp rate, the capacity is better measured in minutes rather than hours.Temperature affects battery capacity and the colder it gets, the less AH are available.Batteries can generally produce low amp rates more easily than high amp rates, so a 100 AH battery will produce 1 amp for 100 hours but will NOT generally produce 25 amps for 4 hours or 100 amps for 1 hour.

At a 25 amp rate, the total capacity goes down substantially, probably on the order of 50% of the C/20 amp-hour capacity (see listing for Reserve Capacity).

There may be as few as 5 or as many as 200 parking slots at a single location.

Most locations have water and sewer, and some will have electric hookup for a small charge. Germany has a similar system, but they call them Stellplätze (stoppingplace). Return to top of page Amp-Hour Ratings (AH) are generally calculated by the battery manufacturer in the following manner, commonly called the "20 Hour Rate" or "C/20"; A fully charged battery is discharged at a constant rate over a period of 20 hours until it reaches zero charge, defined as 10.5 volts.

They are located next to rivers, on car parks, next to hotels, restaurants or Government buildings and vary between rough ground to purpose designed and landscaped areas.

the idea is simple, to get you to spend money locally in shops, restaurants and other establishments.

Some automatic roof mounted units are able to track the satellite signal while the vehicle is in motion and can provide TV or music.