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This contrasts with DC, or direct current, which applies to the 12V systems on your RV or car.

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In general they are more difficult to aim than the roof mounted units (see Marriage Saver).

The dish is connected to the satellite receiver in the RV via coaxial cable for the TV signal and via a multi-conductor wire cable for directional control of the dish in the case of automatic units.

At a 100 amp rate, the capacity is better measured in minutes rather than hours.

Temperature affects battery capacity and the colder it gets, the less AH are available.

Many RVs come with roof-mounted television antennas designed to pick up standard broadcast band TV stations.

There are both manually controlled and electrically controlled models.

There are controls for raising and lowering the antenna and for rotating it in both directions.

Return to top of page Specialized equipment added to an RV that includes extra insulation, double glazed windows, and heating pads for holding tanks for winter usage.

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Return to top of page A system of approximately 4,000 designated motorhome only short-stay locations throughout France.

They are located next to rivers, on car parks, next to hotels, restaurants or Government buildings and vary between rough ground to purpose designed and landscaped areas.