Dating a man who just got out of prison

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Dating a man who just got out of prison - 2 way web cam chat

(SP) Chasing the Dragon: Looking for heroin on the yard. When it happens in the fields, it is generally sanctioned by officers. " He has a huge clavo of jelly-beans." Clica: Spanish for gang, also "ganga." Related verb: cliquear, meaning to **** up or ride with a gang. (FL) Commissary: Money for buying stamps, toiletries, cigarettes, and other items. Also called "canteen." Convict: A prisoner with traditional values.Also called, "chasing the horse." Check In: To be placed into protective custody. When it happens in the building, it is generally testing to see whether someone new is going to ride or to be a punk. (TX) Checkin' It: Putting on one's best clothes for a visit with a prisoner. Chin Check: To hit someone in the jaw to see if he will stand up for himself. (Sp., TX.) Click: A group of prisoners who use their combined strength, a clique. " Those prisoners clicked on me." (TX) Click up: To join a gang. (NY) Clipper Pass: A special shaving pass that allows prisoners with medical conditions to shave only once a week or to wear short beards. One who has pride and respect, who maintains integrity, who is not an informant, whose word is good. Convict Boss: A prisoner given authority in a prison system.

Attitude: The display of annoyance, hostility, contempt, courage, or an unbroken spirit toward others. Also, a physical act by officers, including use by electric shock (taser, stun gun). When a prisoner is finished with his sentence in Maryland the officer that comes to get him to take him to be released will announce for him to "pack it up , ATW." (MD) AW: Associate Warden.When water was thrown in the street after being used for cleaning, the person would cry to warn pedestrians.Ain't Right: A situation, person, or object of dubious correctnessas in " Somethin' ain't right with that Cat-J." Alphabet: A sentence so long that it cannot be characterized by numbers. (MI) *** Betting: Gambling without any funds or means of paying back one's loses.In practice, such units remained (and remain) "the hole." A landmark case challenging conditions in San Quentin's Adjustment Center was filed in 1973 and continues to be enforced as a permanent injunction. May be referred to as " A-Seg" in the federal system. (In Texas, field force work squads are referred to as Hoe squads, usually by their squad number such as 1-hoe,2-hoe.) Aguas: Spanish word used to warn other prisoners thant an officer is making the rounds.Used as a warning in Spanish colonial times and usedd in Mexico as a warning tgo be careful.(archiac) BGF: The Black Guerrilla Family, an African-American prison gang that originted as a revolutionary organization influenced by George Jackson. (NY) (2) The dominant partner in a relationship between prisoners. Also, "boofed." (NY) Books: Trust fund account, "on the books." All money received by a prisoner is placed into a trust account and may be withdrawn for canteen purchases, special orders, postage, and other expenses. Boss: An officer -- some say in it is "sorry son of a *****" spelled backwards. Prisoners walk along the yellow lines on the side of the walkway, while officers and staff walk on the inside. (2) Segregation or SHU, as in " I don't want to do any box time." (NY) (3) A quarterly package containing personal items sent from the outside. Different numerical designations identify the level of the grievance. Brew: Homemade alcohol; "pruno." Brick: A carton of cigarettes Bricks: The outside, on the outside, as in "on the bricks." Broadway: The first floor of some tiers. See " Dagging."(TX) Bull Dog: A prisoner who uses fear and intimidation to get something from a weaker person. (2) A term for " Northern Mexicans" used by " Southern Mexicans" Butched In: Having to perform oral sex for favors C-file: The central file. Call: Time for specified events -- e.g., mail call or sick call. Camp: CDC minimum security facilities for firefighting and conservation work. Cappin': Talking about one's family, relatives, or girlfriend in a disrespectful way. Catch a Square: To get ready to fight, as " You'd better catch a square, punk." Derives from the corners in a boxing ring. Sometimes referred to as a " J-Cat." Cat Nap: Relatively short sentence.

Bone Crusher: A particularly large prison weapon (shank). Boot Camp: Military style programs used by many states for some first time offenders. A wide area where prisoners come and go -- and occasionally may be housed if the prison is particularly crowded. Bullet: One year prison " They gave me a bullet." Bum Beef: To falsely accuse a prisoner of doing some thing. The critical information maintained on each prisoner. Cat Walk: Walkway above yard or tier where officers patrol. Cell Confinement: Disciplinary detention, confining prison to cell for 24 hour increments.Perhaps derived from the word "6-up" which was originally used to refer to officers coming at a.m. 10-10 Furlough: Death by un-natural causes, as in " He wronged too many, and got his 10-10 furlough last night" : Used when a prisoner is discharged. 114: CDC form documenting reasons for placing a prisoner in administrative segregation. Normally hand signed, to alert others of potential problems." I got a tonight." (LA) 12/12: To serve the entire sentence without parole. 13 1/2: The sum total of 12 jurors, one judge, and one half-chance, often featured in tattoos 5-0: Correctional officer. 115: A rules violation report (CDC Form 115) can lead to disciplinary action. (TX) 602: The prisoner grievance or administrative appeal process (CDC Form 602).911: Warning that a correctional officer is coming. This abbreviation can also refer to the California Department of Corrections' administrative bulletins. The name was developed during the prisons adopted language reflecting treatment of prisoners.AC: Aryan Circle, a white prison gang found in some states. More commonly in California, this designation would refer to the " Adjustment Center." Ace: a puff of a cigarette, as in " Bust me down with an ace" (NY) Ace Boon Coon: Best friend Ace-Duce: Best friend. In theory, the unit was to provide an intensive program. Placement in a controlled unit for the safety and security of the institution -- including allegations of gang affiliation, investigation of a disciplinary offense, or repeated misconduct.Cadillac: (1) Coffee with cream & sugar, smooth, rich and creamy. Officers in the area, as in "cat walk front to back." C. (Iowa) Cell Gangster: One who talks tough locked in his cell. Also known as a "cell warrior" or "cell soldier." (AK) Cellie: Cellmate.