Dating a man who just got out of prison

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Dating a man who just got out of prison

Numbers 4 piece A full set of restraints (cuffs, leg irons, waist, and security cover).(Iowa) 7-up: A correctional officer is approaching. As in " Don't 459 my convo." 580: Caution that the authorities are approaching.

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Although the appeals process provides a means to express complaints, there are many problems with the system and appeals are frequently "lost" at the informal levels of review. Other states will use different numbers, such as "730" in New York.

(TX) Chalking: To run interference with officers while another prisoner is breaking a rule. (MI) Cho-Cho: An ice cream bar bought in the canteen (TX). (MT) Chrono: Informational notes by prison officials documenting classification decisions, minor disciplinary offenses, medical orders, and just about everything else that might be recorded on a prisoner. Circuit: Transfers to discourage contact with others.

Chapete: A Southern Mexican word used to disrespect Northern California gang members. " Diesel Therapy." Clavo: A stash or collection. Commandos: Prisoners who go to another prisoners bunk or cell, after lights out, for sexual reasons.

" He left out on the chain yesterday." Chainin": Used when a prisoner is transferblack to another unit or arrives and departs on the bus.

" He went chainin this mornin." Chalk or Raisin Jack: Home made alcohol, or pruno.

Baby: A weak prisoner used for sex, a "punk." (FL) Badge: A correctional officer. Bam-Bam: The mental health ward or a prisoner who is a mental health patient.(MI) Banger: A knife. Bar: To fear a certain area or restrict one from an area, such as a cell. Blanket party: Throwing a blanket over a despised prisoner, so he or she can't identify an attacker.

As in " You are barred from this side of the yard." Bastille by the Bay: San Quentin, a term coined by San Francisco columnist Herb Caen. Blickey: AIDS, as in " He or she has the blickey." Blickum: Generic term used as a substitute for other words. (FL) Blazed: To be under the influence, high, or stoned.

(archiac) BGF: The Black Guerrilla Family, an African-American prison gang that originted as a revolutionary organization influenced by George Jackson. (NY) (2) The dominant partner in a relationship between prisoners. Also, "boofed." (NY) Books: Trust fund account, "on the books." All money received by a prisoner is placed into a trust account and may be withdrawn for canteen purchases, special orders, postage, and other expenses. Boss: An officer -- some say in it is "sorry son of a *****" spelled backwards. Prisoners walk along the yellow lines on the side of the walkway, while officers and staff walk on the inside. (2) Segregation or SHU, as in " I don't want to do any box time." (NY) (3) A quarterly package containing personal items sent from the outside. Different numerical designations identify the level of the grievance. Brew: Homemade alcohol; "pruno." Brick: A carton of cigarettes Bricks: The outside, on the outside, as in "on the bricks." Broadway: The first floor of some tiers. See " Dagging."(TX) Bull Dog: A prisoner who uses fear and intimidation to get something from a weaker person. (2) A term for " Northern Mexicans" used by " Southern Mexicans" Butched In: Having to perform oral sex for favors C-file: The central file. Call: Time for specified events -- e.g., mail call or sick call. Camp: CDC minimum security facilities for firefighting and conservation work. Cappin': Talking about one's family, relatives, or girlfriend in a disrespectful way. Catch a Square: To get ready to fight, as " You'd better catch a square, punk." Derives from the corners in a boxing ring. Sometimes referred to as a " J-Cat." Cat Nap: Relatively short sentence.

Bone Crusher: A particularly large prison weapon (shank). Boot Camp: Military style programs used by many states for some first time offenders. A wide area where prisoners come and go -- and occasionally may be housed if the prison is particularly crowded. Bullet: One year prison " They gave me a bullet." Bum Beef: To falsely accuse a prisoner of doing some thing. The critical information maintained on each prisoner. Cat Walk: Walkway above yard or tier where officers patrol. Cell Confinement: Disciplinary detention, confining prison to cell for 24 hour increments.

When water was thrown in the street after being used for cleaning, the person would cry to warn pedestrians.

Ain't Right: A situation, person, or object of dubious correctnessas in " Somethin' ain't right with that Cat-J." Alphabet: A sentence so long that it cannot be characterized by numbers. (MI) *** Betting: Gambling without any funds or means of paying back one's loses.

Deuce Less: The difference between federal time and local time. See " Wave Cap." (MI> Doowop: To go through the food line twice. Double Cell: Housing two prisoners in a cell designed for one.