Dating a nun

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The Narrator - The narrator makes it quite clear that he is also a character in his book.

He has participated in no less than fifteen of the great crusades of his era.

The pastor of a sizable town, he preaches the Gospel and makes sure to practice what he preaches.

He is everything that the Monk, the Friar, and the Pardoner are not.

The Summoner - The Summoner brings persons accused of violating Church law to ecclesiastical court.

This Summoner is a lecherous man whose face is scarred by leprosy.

Many pardoners, including this one, collected profits for themselves.

In fact, Chaucer’s Pardoner excels in fraud, carrying a bag full of fake relics—for example, he claims to have the veil of the Virgin Mary.His title of “host” may be a pun, suggesting both an innkeeper and the Eucharist, or Holy Host.The Parson - The only devout churchman in the company, the Parson lives in poverty, but is rich in holy thoughts and deeds.Her table manners are dainty, she knows French (though not the French of the court), she dresses well, and she is charitable and compassionate.The Monk - Most monks of the Middle Ages lived in monasteries according to the Rule of Saint Benedict, which demanded that they devote their lives to “work and prayer.” This Monk cares little for the Rule; his devotion is to hunting and eating.Brave, experienced, and prudent, the narrator greatly admires him. The Wife of Bath - Bath is an English town on the Avon River, not the name of this woman’s husband.

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