Dating and marriage customs in usa

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It is necessary to make an overall view on some specific details of some marriage customs.

Marriage custom is an important component of social customs.After accepting the betrothal gifts, the bride’s family would receive the wedding gifts from the bridegroom’s family.Wedding gifts varied widely depending on local customs and family wealth.Marriage is an important point in one’s life and a symbol of coming into the next page of one’s life: forming a nuclear family and leading an independent life.Different nations form different marriage customs under different cultural background.It becomes particularly important for Chinese people to learn more about western countries’ culture in their communication.

This paper mainly focuses on Chinese traditional marriage customs and western countries’ marriage customs especially that of the United States.

On that special day, the bridegroom went to the bride’s home to meet and brings her back to his place with much fanfare [9].

The bride is escorted by the bridegroom’s team and some of her relatives to the bridegroom’s place.

Western culture attracts Chinese people’s attention unprecedentedly for China is becoming more open.

For the rapid development of economy, Chinese people need to cooperate with westerners more frequently.

If the girl’s parents did not object this proposal, the matchmaker would go to ask the girl’s birth date and hour of birth to access if the couple compatible with each other.