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Dating collectable glass - Just young cam

The tray looks to be a heat (steam) formed wood tray with a native embossed motif, but a hunch also says it may be thick leather, embossed and heat formed. I have seen pierced or punched tin lanterns in Pennsylvania country antique shows. I took a few photos of a man's collection I saw at a recent show. But they usually had conical tops with a big circular loop for carrying or hanging. So, it may be a decorated munition shell, as per Michael's suggestion.

This will keep all relevant replies together with the original post, rather than a sequential mix of comment wall posts relating to many various topics.At 21 he returned to NY and began his highly successful career as a magazine illustrator. Measures 9 " x 11.5" and is in excellent condition.This 16.5 x 13.5 piece was done for the cover of Ladies Home Journal July 1907 and is called "Double Trouble". Is hand painted and fires with copper frame and hanger.Notice the mischevious expression on the lovely ladies face, while looking into a mirror, hence, "Double Trouble". Preiss" and are shown in the book "Art Deco and Other Figures" by Bryan Catley, page #278. Philip Handel's sales force regularly gave these samples in the teens to their retailers, stores etc., however rarely are they seen today.A color copy of that magazine cover will accompany the piece. The total height with good old matching cloth shade is 17". The description is "Girl on Wall"; documentation will be sent to buyer. Has the early Handel signature with great art nouveau design.A very rare and important piece of vintage American art. 350 This is a great vintage American Indian pen tray, or ash tray. Properly signed Bradley and Hubbard with a great Indian chief head in feathered head dress. The girls dress is mounted on sturdy hinge, which swings to reveal the girl's lovely and well endowed nude body. The piece is heavy bronze and is signed "homeric bronze". These are very heavy pieces and were used as bookends on the desk of a St. 255 This is a large, nice old Fulper art pottery vase with an Racetrack Fulper mark. This piece has a nice rich dark green semi gloss glaze with blue specks toward the top. There are no chips and no cracks and the piece has not been restored. In 1915 Fulper won a Gold Medal of Honor at the Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco.

The price guides show an original piece by Harrison Fisher bringing ,500. Fulper was a pottery that started in Flemington, New Jersey in 1814. Today Fulper pottery is increasingly popular among collectors of arts and crafts pottery. 55 BEAUTIFUL ARTS AND CRAFTS STYLE FRAME for the above FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT TILESTHESE BEAUTIFUL 4"x 4" FRAMES ARE MADE OF OLD STAND QUARTER SAWED WHITE OAK AND FINISHED IN THE OLD STYLE PROCESS WITH SUPERB WORKMANSHIP.I also understand, if an item was found with considerable degradation already in place, then restoring the item back to mint condition is not really an option without replacing the worn or missing sections, sometimes that process is undertaken and other times it is deemed unfavourable as too much would require replacement leavnig little of the original piece.Take for instance coins, if a coin can be cleaned without causing any damage to the surface of the coin, thereby perserving the quality of the coin for future admirers, why is that a bad thing?Was the tray bought in a lot with all those painted, embossed, inlaid & carved wood items.I wouldn't lump them all into the same timeframe and native origin. That tiny black 'pot' looks interesting; native American Indian, Pueblo perhaps. Here is a chance to replace those lost tags and return your Tobey furniture's real value.

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