Dating columbians

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Dating columbians

But cave paintings found here provided the first clue to the African looking people who we now call Olmec. Walter Neves has measured hundreds of skulls, the next step was to reconstruct a face from Lucia's skull (the name scientists gave this 20 year old, African looking woman who died 11,000 years ago in South America.) First, a CAT scan of the skull was done, to allow an accurate working model to be made.

They used the Mende script to write and they spoke the Mende language, the same language spoken by Cinque in the movie 'Amistad'.

In the Shango religion of Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Brazil and other parts of African-Americas, the very same religion as practiced by the Olmecs is still practiced.

As for Africa, the Venus complex is studied by the Ono and Bambara, both accomplished seamen who usd to sail the once sea-covered Sahara and the Atlantic.

The Africans also identified cultural traits such as ear plugs, scarification marks and keloid tatoos on the skin and face, cornrows, braids and tassels and even afro hairstyle as West African.

Moreover, according to Ivan Van Sertima (African Presene in Early America), giant heads of stone to represent important people in Africa was being done in the present era as well as in ancient Egypt and Nubia. The 22 or more collosal stone heads carved out of solid basalt rock has identifiable Black African in racial features as well as cultural traits like cornrow hairstyle, braids with beads and kinky hair as well as a type of war helmet identified as Nubian have been found carved in Colosal Olmec sculpture connecting them to West Africa and the Egypt/Sudan region.

There is now undisputed scientific proof that the first Americans were descended from Africans or Australian aborigines, according to evidence in a new BBC documentary.

Dozens of their skulls and cave writings have been found dating back to 50,000 years.Kinky hair, cornrows, braids are also represented (see African Presence in Early America, by Ivan Van Sertima; Transaction Publishers. Others went to the Americas, where they met an established Black Mende culture in Mexico.The Olmec are known as the Xi People, a group that migrated from Africa. RELIGIOUS SIMILARITIES BETWEEN THE AFRICAN-OLMECS AND WEST AFRICANSThe African-Olmecs also had religious practices identical to that of West Africans according to "A History of the African-Olmecs," (published by 1stbooks Library, 2959 Vernal Pike, Bloomington, Indiana 47404 U. A ww.1) Olmec religions included the use of shamen, the recognition of the Venus planet complex, the use of the ax as a prop in the worship of the Thunder God and the importance of children in their religion.Walter Neves is the first Scientist to Make a Connection The site is at Serra Da Capivara in remote northeast Brazil.This area is now inhabited by the descendants of European settlers and African slaves who arrived just 500 years ago.Many migrated to lands in the North (United States) and the South (South America). Stone tools and charcoal from the site in Brazil show evidence of human habitation as long ago as 50,000 years.

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