Dating dunhill tobacco

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First, Cope had a blend called “Navy Cut” but there was no trace of a “Navy De Luxe”. ) has several old Smoke Room booklets (promotional booklets made by Cope) from the 1880’s and he says no mention was made of Escudo Navy De Luxe. Second, the Portuguese Escudo coin (after which the blend was named) was introduced on , after the 1910 Republican revolution.

Smell from the tin: Newly opened there comes a fresh, bright smell from the tin.

A kind of fruity (my guess would be plum), peppery (hello perique) smell which mingles elegantly with the hay-like scent from the Virginias. I also noticed a slight odour which reminded me of a typical Dutch menthol liquorice sweet when I just pulled the lid off for the first time.

This way the tobacco matured during their voyages and (of course) improved which was certainly noticed.

The sailors cut pieces from the end for chewing (this happened most of the times because smoking was often forbidden on the wooden ships, imagine, a little spark and *whoosh*) or they cut coins that could be loaded into pipes.

So tobaccos like Escudo, Three Nuns, twists and ropes are true Navy Cuts and are as close to the real thing as one can get today.

Escudo was first made by Cope Bros & Co; a Liverpool based company that manufactured tobacco products from 1848 until 1952.

And for those of you who have tins with “Made in Denmark for Peter Stokkebye” on the backside, that company has been owned by STG for many years.

Nowadays it is simple and clear: “Made in Denmark by Scandinavian Tobacco Group Assens A/S”. Yeahyeah, I know Escudo already has been reviewed to death but screw that, I am still going to do it hehehe.

In 2006 they won the trademark and slowly started re-labelling the tins. The first 6 digits stand for the Year, Date and Month.

So if you have a 2005 Escudo tin with A&C Petersen on it, well, it was made in the Orlik factory. So if the first 6 digits are for example 121105, the production date is May 11th 2012.

For the discussion if the De Luxe Navy Rolls taste the same as Escudo I am directing you forward to 2 interesting articles on Pipes Dunhill & Escudo Navy De Luxe the Same? Plus I read somewhere that somebody did a test with the p H-measures of both blends. In 2000 A&C Petersen were acquired by Orlik and the blend was taken off the USA market very shortly after that because of a trademark issue.