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Relationships are funny things: One partner can be cruising along thinking everything’s just fine and dandy, and the other can be curling up inside like a poinsettia after New Year’s.

After reviewing data from more than 500 couples in discussion, psychologist John Gottman, Ph.The house, the kids, the wedding album—they’re all still there, but she needs spoken evidence, too.Also, be sure to memorize the Secrets of the Best Relationships.And that can have a dampening effect on your wife’s sex drive.Consider a survey that asked 2,000 women for the key factor in deciding whether or not they will sleep with a partner: Forty-six percent responded “knowing where the relationship is headed.” To rekindle her desire, focus her attention on the commitment you’ve made to her.The science: A study of 68 sexually active women published in the revealed elevated levels of testosterone and an average 24 percent increase in frequency of intercourse during the 6 days leading up to each woman’s ovulation.

Calculate the start of this magic window by counting 2 weeks after she begins her period and subtracting 6 days.Women gauge the health of a relationship by how well they think you understand them, says Mark Elliott, Ph.D., the director of the Institute for Psychological and Sexual Health, in Columbus, Ohio.D., of the University of Washington’s Relationship Research Institute, and applied mathematicians James Murray and Kristin Swanson have come up with a mathematical model that can predict likelihood of divorce.They dub it the “Dow Jones Industrial Average for marital conversation.” A 5-to-1 ratio of positive comments to negative ones indicates a healthy marriage, they say. A simple rule of thumb, then, is to talk more, share more, and be more open with your emotions.And if things do heat up, you’ll definitely want to know the Yoga Moves that Will Transform Your Sex Life.

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