Dating for extra marital sex

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Dating for extra marital sex - Sex dating france

Getting over from the shock of an extra-marital affair is the toughest thing to do.

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An extra-marital challenges the sanctity and strength of a relationship, causing turmoil in personal and social world of people.

And let’s face it, our societal distaste and astonishment over this particular activity may be a bit... (Sex outside a primary relationship, if the relationship is “open” and the rules are followed, does not qualify as cheating.) Interestingly, the reasons men and women engage in relationship infidelity are often quite different, with each gender’s motivations generally paralleling our basic understanding of male and female sexuality.

In short, women are usually interested in sex that includes (or at least hints at) some sort of emotional or relationship connection, while men are typically seeking a purely objectified sexual experience.

After your relationship has been shattered, you will be disoriented.

Feeling of parting ways with the person, who was once your support system and who gave you all worldly securities can cause an emotional breakdown.

An extramarital affairs being several negative consequences for both the partners Emotional breakdown is bound to happen when your spouse breaches the trust. As a victim, you will be trying to discover the reasons and causes of cheating or will begin the self-blame-game. Blown away with the shock of being cheated, victim may not even realize that his or her spouse broke the sacred vows of marriage to indulge in infidelity, but instead they blame themselves for the damage.

Infidelity in a relationship will take you through a roller coaster of emotions with you feeling surrounded by negativity. The partner will even try to lend support to the cheating partner believing that it was their fault and that is what they deserved.[Read: Sexual Temptation Haunts Men even after Marriage] An extra-marital affair from your partner will deliver a severe blow to your self-esteem and cause guilt for them. Trust lays the strong foundation of every relationship.The partner starts questioning himself and his deeds. A disloyal spouse kills the trust of the loyal partner making it difficult to trust the cheating partner once again.The worst thing with extramarital affairs is that they usually ruin the life of a person who did nothing wrong.It is also the leading cause of divorce throughout the world.You may have decided to stick together but it is difficult to overcome feelings of distrust. Regaining trust remains a big challenge for couple trying to resolve.

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