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that would be Elias Fort, who witnessed the will of Carolus Anderson’s mother in 1732) And note this militia list from 1720… Perhaps he is living north of the Meherrin River and is considered to still be a Virginan who simply also owns land in NC? Another Bracewell daughter was Anne who married Mathew Strickland Jr. bottom line- I have the same woman married to William Boon and also John Joyner. since William Boon seems to live in two places (Occoneechee Neck on the Roanoke and the Meherrin River area) I wonder if it was a father and son with the same name? BERTIE Precinct, NC B-406 May 13, 1728 Wiliam Boon to Carolus Anderson, ” for valuable consideration” 200 ac on Meherrin River, the Great Gutt, Boon and the county line…part of 423 ac tract granted to Boon Dec. Wits: Richard Bayley, Nathaniel Cooper Pro May crt Feb. Skeptic that I am, I had my friend Traci track it down…

In that compilation I arrived at the conclusion that a sister of William Browne was Elizabeth who married John Joyner.

“There does not appear to be reliable documentary evidence of his presence in Isle of Wight county earlier than 1678.” “Matthew STRICKLAND appears to have settled about 1678 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, where he passed the rest of his life. When it finally opened up it was as if a dam had burst. Ack by John Bryan by virtue of a Power of Atty from William and Elizabeth Boon. https:// ====================================== A random thought…. I find it interesting that the 1717 Chowan census lists only James Boon… The bulk of the Boons who settled around Meherrin River obtained their patents for land in 1723.

On June 6, 1687, Matthew (M) STRICKLAND gave a power of attorney to John BROWN to execute a deed to William EVANS “by reason of my nonability to travel to court held for this County the 9th of this Instant June” in Isle of Wight County, witnessed by Richard (RB) BOOTH and Elizabeth (S) STRICKLAND.” On June 6, 1687, Mathew (x) and Elizabeth (E) STRICKLAND of the Lower Parish deeded to William EVANS of the Upper Parish for 4,000 pounds of tobacco in cask 800 acres in the Lower Parish between the Main Swamp of King Sail and Beaver Dam Branch adjoining William COLLINS (from a tract of 902 acres patented by the said STRICKLAND on September 26, 1678, of which 102 acres had been leased to Thomas JONES for ninety-nine years on November 6, 1682, witnessed by John BROWN, Richard (RB) BOOTH, and Robert ® LAWRENCE. Johnston was of the opinion that Mathew Strickland “Sr” died intestate about 1696… But even in 1710 it was still a fight between the 2 colonies as to who controlled this area and the “real estate” honchos were quick to fight it out for the money to be made. 5 7ber 1721 by Henry SIMS before me Fred JONES, Ch. 1378 William Boon of Albermarle Co and Elizabeth Boon to Henry Sims of same, 15L, 200 a joining the Beaverdam Br, William Powell, William Brasswell and John Pace, now in the acutal possession of Henry Sims, part of a patent for 600 a granted to William Boon . Boon of Virginia received his patent for land on Meherrin River (from Virginia and not North Carolina) in 1724. (unless there were simply two James at the same period.

My current theory is that there were 4 or 5 Boon brothers. Of interest also is the William Browne property several miles west of Thomas Boon’s new land.

I have no idea who could be the father other than possibly that Nich Boon from 1667 in IOW……. Within walking distance of where Thomas Boon (son-in-law of M. I’ve never found a Virginia patent for this property and suspect it was all accomplished in North Carolina, which was unusual this far north into Virginia.

patent on the Blackwater River is where Thomas Boon was located. He seemed confident of these sons: Children of Matthew and Elizabeth STRICKLAND Sr. · William STRICKLAND · Samuel STRICKLAND · Joseph STRICKLAND · John STRICKLAND December 8, 1702, Mathew (M) STRICKLAND sold Thomas BOON for 12,000 pounds of tobacco in cask 300 acres in the Lower Parish on Horse Swamp, Blackwater, First Branch, Gum Branch, and the Arthur WHITEHEAD line, witnessed by William JOLLY, James JOLLY, and Adam MURRAY. Description: 600 acres on the south side of the main Blackwater Swamp. on the top of the hill by the run of the said swamp &c. It was not until the Byrd survey of 1728 was the boundary finalized. seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents Richard Braswell is mentioned in the Philip Ludwell account above. , ack by John Bryan by virture of power of atty from William and Eliz Boon. Is there something of importance here or just coincidence? The other brothers could not write and used “marks”.. to John Bryant of Isle of Wight Co VA 8¬£ current money 100 acres more or less on the north side of Menherring river, joining Matthew Rushing, the second branch and the river now in the actual possession of John Bryan all houses, orchards, gardens, etc.

On April 26, 1714, Mathew (M) and Anne (A) STRICKLAND (Deed Book 1, pp. In 1705 Thomas Boon “for eight hundred pounds good tobacco” sold 75 acres to John Long “being a part of a former patent of Wm Williams” “formerly Thomas Curby’s line” “by ye main Blackwater”. the question to me is did he “move” from the Horse Swamp property? I find it fascinating that Thomas Boon and William Browne were some of the earliest settlers (or just speculators? The Braswells, Stricklands, Boons and Brownes intermarried. 1720, 20 pounds sterling, 100 acres on a Cypress Swamp that makes into Morattock river, joining William BOON, the Cypress Swamp, a Gum Pond and James ANDERSON’s fence, part of a Pattent to William BRASSWELL dated 4 Mar. [Bertie County] William Boone and wife Elizabeth to Hubbard Gibson Sr to daughter Mary November 13, 1727 6 pounds 10 sh for 100 ac on NS Marttock River -Cypress swamp-Beaverdam Swamp adj; But these 1721 deeds cause me to be a little suspicious… ======================================= Another random thought… This is a list from the site where i pull extant records of early NC patents. part of a Wit: Benjamin Foreman, Elias Fort 10 July 1721 William Boon of Chowan Prect.

Wit: John Dew, jurat, Richard Bailey, James Holland Feb Ct 1739 According to Hugh B. I think that the wife of William Boon was Browne’s sister Elizabeth (more later). 1377 William Boon of Albemarle Co and Elizabeth Boon to Robert Sims of same, 10L 200 a NS Morattock Riv upon the SS of a Cypress Br, joining William Powell and the Br now in the actual possession of the sd.

Johnston in a report in 1961 in regard to the Stricklands of IOW… Remember that it was only AFTER 1700 that the “new lands” west of the Blackwater River was opened to settlement. Sims, part of a Patent granted to William Boon /2, .

398/399) Newport Parish sold Joseph JACKSON for 4,400 pounds of tobacco 300 acres where they were living north of Main Blackwater adjoining Ann POPE, Thomas BOONE, and Cypress Branch (from a grant of 1,803 acres to my father Mathew STRICKLAND on April 20, 1680), witnessed by William CRUMPLER and John WILLIAMS. Also stated as a reason for selling was he was “hereunto moveing”. William Williams got 2 patents on the south side of Blackwater: Williams, William. I really can’t make a conclusion of what is going on with this Thomas… Wm Boon is cited as “of Albermarle Co” and not Chowan… wife Mary sons Nicholas (dwelling plantation) William Joseph daughters Mary Martha Ann brothers William Boon Thomas Boon, Junr —————————————- I think, but can’t prove, that Carolus married a Boon (his wife was named Mary) but you see Mary was a common name for the Boons. Note the signature mark for Thomas Boon (Capital T with the B on the stem)… to William Powell of the Lower Parish of Isle of Wight Co VA 11¬£ current money of VA 200 acres more or less on the north side of Roanoke River in Ocanocha Neck, joining the Beaver Dam branch and the Edge of a Pond now in his Peaceable possession part of a Pattent for William Boon married the sister of William Browne.

was this foray south to the Kingsale area just an investment? A later tax list of Chowan County, NC mentions one Thomas Boon as “a Virginian”… So I assume it is this guy who gets the 1724 Virginia patent on the NC/VA border at Meherrin River. around 1720 a Thomas Boon in Chowan County is referred to as Thomas Boon “Junior”. If the North Carolina Thomas Boon is referenced in this 1713 deed… this is next to where Carolus Anderson gets his patent in 1726… he also had John Bryan as his power of attorney which seems to indicate he may have been living near the Maherrin River near Carolus Anderson? Here are some notes on 3 other of the “apparent” brothers: Joseph Boon d.1728 sons James Joseph Thomas Ratlif daughters Mary Elizabeth James Boon d.1733 wife Elizabeth sons none named in will daughters Mary m. From the above though, it seems plausible that Nicholas may be the culprit… per the NC patent of 1668- that Thomas Boon is likely born prior to 1648. B Boon is still alive and his death date is undetermined…. it is not impossible but very unlikely in my opinion. and below is another image of the 1705 sig mark to compare… From that I conjecture that at least William Boon may have been around NC as early as 1706???

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