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The frequencies of the clock transitions can be compared by the use of an optical frequency comb with the UTC(AOS) and UTC(PL).The 330 km-long time and frequency dissemination line between the Space Research Centre at Borowiec Astrogeodynamic Observatory (AOS) and KL FAMO in Toruń is electronically stabilized with the ELSTAB technology.

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The clouds of atoms in Sr1 and Sr2 are independently probed by two beams from an ultrastable laser.16, so only its most essential elements are presented below.A simplified scheme of the system of two optical lattice clocks is depicted in Fig. Two optical frequency standards (Sr1 and Sr2) are based on the Sr atoms.The light from the ultrastable laser is transferred to the Sr1 and Sr2 standards and to the optical frequency comb through optical fibres.Each fibre has a system of active Doppler cancellation of the fibre-link noises to assure the transfer of stable optical frequencies.The experimental difficulties in limiting and characterising the collisional shift in bosons are the reason why there are only two reported measurements of the .

To calculate the recommended frequency values for the practical realizations of the metre (Me P) and secondary representations of the second (SRS), the BIPM takes into account the weighted average of independently obtained frequencies.The frequencies of both beams are locked to the narrow resonances in each standard by a digital lock and acousto-optic frequency shifters (AOM).The frequencies of each clock transitions can be compared by the use of an optical frequency comb to the UTC(AOS) and UTC(PL) mode of the high-Q cavity.E/O and O/E denote the electro-optic and optical-electric converters, respectively.Right panel: single-path bidirectional amplifier (SPBA) diagram.Mass Effect Andromeda takes place in a galaxy light years away from the Milky Way, and hundreds of years in the future.