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There is no indication of the use of poisoned arrows by the Sinhalese, nor are crossbows ever mentioned in the histories as employed by them, although they were used in captain Robert Knox’s time (seventeenth century).They were known in India in early times, and are mentioned in The Questions of King Milinda, p. It is possible that the ‘engines’ by means of which stones were thrown were merely enlarged stone-bows with two strings, of the type now made by children.

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It is clear that extensive improvements were carried out at that time; the inscription ends ‘ Laka kahavana di (Aba) maha patima karawaya savasa tanata lit(i)‘ Having given 100,000 Kahapanas he caused the great statue (of Buddha) at Abaya cave to be made. As the porch which the panels were carved is an evident addition to the original cave temple at which it was erected (the Waraka, not of the Abaya cave); the work at it may belong to the same period as this inscription.

The blade is contracted sharply up to the point which is extremely short.

In no case, so far as I am aware it the small modern curved one-edge a Sabre termed as Katstana (Fig 164) found in any Sinhalese carvings.

The list is still incomplete there can be no doubt that Battle-axes were used in war in addition to the common Kandian Knife, and a Dagger.

The Sword, Kaduwa, is almost the sole weapon represented in ancient carvings in Ceylon, and even that is only occasionally met with.

The desultory fighting of the Sinhalese would not permit them to carry about with them such elaborate stone-throwing appliances as those figured by Sir R.

Payne-Gallawey in his work on The Projectile- Throwing Engines of the Ancients.Some interesting panels are carved in the sides of the stone pillars that support the elongated porch (Dig-ge) of the Waraka Wihera, the oldest cave temple, according to tradition at the Ridi Wihara the Silver Monastery in the Kurunegala district.In the panels, which are at the base of each pillar, a dance of soldiers is represented, one figure being in each panel.87), and in some places in the hands of armed men who were represented springing out of the open mouths of nondescript monsters called Makaras, are all straight edged, some what short pointed weapons, apparently with cross-hilts or guards.The men who hold them in the latter examples carry a small circular buckler in their left hands.From the occasional references in the histories, to the weapons of the ancient Sinhalese, it can be gathered that the Sword and the Bow were the ordinary arms of the people, and were often carried by the chiefs and sovereigns, at any rate when they were engaged on warlike expeditions. In Duttha-Gamini’s battle with Elara the Tamil king, the Chiefs on both sides, who fought on foot, had swords and shields, while the two kings, who were on elephants, were armed with javelins( Mah, I, p. In his battle with Elalra’s nephew Bhalluka, the same king, who was on an elephant, is described as guarding his mouth with the handle of his sword when Bhalluka threw a javelin at him.

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