Dating in dark couples billy

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Dating in dark couples billy

Rob has always been open about his sexuality, but was concerned at first that soap bosses might hook him up with a character of the opposite sex.

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Having already got into trouble with the social services after his attack on Peter Barlow, could Summer be at risk of losing another dad if they find out?

Meanwhile, despite Adam and Todd's efforts to prepare a statement for Billy stating that he had nothing to do with the robbery, the character will be awash with guilt about his past. While fans wait for the scenes to play out on screen, Daniel recently revealed that he was looking forward to seeing how fans react to the twist.

And in scenes yet to air, the vicar's past will come back to haunt him when he's suddenly arrested on suspicion of robbery.

Leaving Todd and Summer stunned, Billy is taken to the police station where he is questioned about his involvement in a robbery that took place in 2001.

Having been asked by Todd to help Billy, Adam heads to the police station and instructs the character not to say anything.

While Billy refuses to explain how his fingerprints came to be on a burnt out car that was used in the criminal incident sixteen years ago, he later makes a shock confession to Todd.

"I am excited but slightly nervous because it does show a completely different side to him.

THERE is a new Coronation Street couple in town ­— but for once their relationship isn’t at the mercy of the scriptwriters.

is the perfect way to escape for a few hours into the Dandenong Ranges with your loved one.

The journey begins at Puffing Billy's Belgrave Station platform.

“The only concern I had at first was if I’m with a female character, will an audience who knows I’m gay in real life believe it?

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