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(Also hurts that the Village Voice has only published their top 100 albums, whereas most years the list tops 1500 albums.

The most obvious difference is that last January I discovered 9 new A- records from 2016, whereas this month's total is down to 4 (the other 3 A- records this month are 2018 releases, but January 2017 had 8 new releases at A-, so the overall drop is from 17 to 7).An occasional blog about populist politics and popular music, not necessarily at the same time.Real Blog Fake Blog Local Links Music Archive Notebook Projects Recipes (old) Recipes (new) Sitemap Contact My Twitter My Other Websites Notes on Everyday Life Terminal Zone Wichita Peace Music Robert Christgau Carol Cooper Carola Dibbell Free Jazz Phil Freeman Jason Gubbels Michaelangelo Matos Milo Miles Chris Monsen Phil Overeem Tim Niland Hank Shteamer Michael Tatum Derek Taylor Destination Out Odyshape Politics Antiwar Helena Cobban Juan Cole Counterpunch Crooked Timber Richard Crowson Kevin Drum Five Thirty Eight Peter Frase Kathleen Geier Glenn Greenwald Tony Karon Mike Konczal Paul Krugman Andrew Leonard Mondoweiss Naked Capitalism No More Mr Nice Blog Alex Pareene Portside Talking Points Memo Tikun Olam Tom Dispatch Maxine Udall Stephen Walt War In Context Washington Monthly Matthew Yglesias Others Big Bad Baseball Porkalicious Arthur Protin Networking Follow @tomhull747 Music: Current count 29288 [29253] rated ( 35), 378 [378] unrated ( 0)."Kimberly-Clark, maker of paper products like Kleenex, Viva paper towels, Cottonelle bathroom tissue and Huggies diapers, announced earlier this month it would use its tax cut windfall to pay the costs of closing 10 factories and dumping as many as 5,500 workers." I also want to link to a piece by Dean Baker, which provides a bit of plausible corrective to expectations of financial collapse under Trump (like yesterday's link to Nomi Prins): It Actually Doesn't Feel at All Like 2006: Refusing to Learn the Lesson of the Housing Bubble.I've come to similar conclusions based on a few less informed hunches: we're beginning to see a small housing bubble, but I doubt anything comparable to 2006 is possible now -- partly because banks are a bit better regulated (although Republicans hope to change that), but more importantly because I can't see that ordinary Americans will again be willing (or, perhaps more important, able) to take on the extraordinary debt they did in the run up to 2008.Michael Flynn as a "battlefield commander" (he was an "intelligence" officer), his ridiculous praise for Gen. With 154 records below (not counting 3 regrades), this is a pretty substantial collection -- down a shade from 161 in December, but otherwise the most of any month in 2017 except for January (155).

January is usually a big month because I can draw inspiration from the great many EOY lists summing up the previous year.

They are snap judgments, usually based on one or two plays, accumulated since my last post along these lines, back on December 31.

Past reviews and more information are available here (10685 records).

This doesn't mean the economy won't run into some severe bumps in the years ahead.

Baker mentions some problem areas, like the stock bubble.

Maybe one of the reasons I haven't found as much good non-jazz this year as usual is that I've spent too much time listening to stuff other people seem to like.

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    And with 45,000 recorded complaints in 2008/2009 but just around 25,098 in 2016, it appears to be working.

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