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An i OS version of my Gloss Gradient drawing code The Gloss Gradients.m code is in the project.

But I think "basic" is boring and I try to avoid it in my blog posts.

If you're curious though, in its first incarnation, this program took me 2 weeks to fully implement — way back in July 2008.

It was the first program I ever tried to write for i Phone OS 2.0 and I did a lot of things the wrong way.

Additionally, any code that requires the user's location must be able to tolerate the location being a postcode, not a raw longitude latitude.

A further complication arises because the Fuel Watch RSS feed only exists for "larger" suburbs.

protocol so I could use the dictionaries to display the pins in the map. Needing to put categories on generic classes like this is an indication that you probably should have used a dedicated class to contain your data.

The results in the program should not be generic handle all the work.If that were the actual number of steps involved, it would be great. Let's take a quick look at the issues that will cause the most trouble for this program.The GPS gives latitude/longitude but the getting the RSS requires a Western Australian suburb name.In order to make this work, you need to be able to look up all the Western Australian suburbs and find the nearest one for your longitude/latitude.This requires a database of suburb names and their longitude/latitude and some code to search this.But the application bundle can't be changed, so I create a read-write store in the Application Support directory.

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