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Dating love rss feed - updating starforce

Having a vague idea what you're trying to do really does make a 5 to 10 times difference to implementation time and unfortunately, the only way to learn is to stumble headlong into things and run the risk of getting everything wrong the first time.There's a reason why this version is a rewrite from scratch.

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Then I have the more straightforward complexity of custom drawing.

But ad hoc trickery like adding categories to generic container classes is a big flag that you've forgotten to use a custom class for objects that genuinely need their own behaviors.

If you find yourself needing something like this: replace the generic container with a proper custom class. But here in Fuel View I can change the underlying class and should, in order to reduce the code burden on our controllers.

While this is a similar problem to resolving the user's location, it is actually trickier since new stations appear all the time, so this database must be dynamic (unlike the static postcode database).

I need to actually perform geocoding of fuel stations but there's a problem: Google's APIs are highly restrictive about how often you can make requests.

Additionally, any code that requires the user's location must be able to tolerate the location being a postcode, not a raw longitude latitude.

A further complication arises because the Fuel Watch RSS feed only exists for "larger" suburbs.An i OS version of my Gloss Gradient drawing code The Gloss Gradients.m code is in the project.It's very similar to the original code except that there aren't HSV conversion methods on uses two different persistent stores: a read-only store inside the application bundle that is shipped with the application contains the pre-supplied results for station lookups.But the application bundle can't be changed, so I create a read-write store in the Application Support directory.The is smart enough to save the store to the correct location automatically.If that were the actual number of steps involved, it would be great. Let's take a quick look at the issues that will cause the most trouble for this program.