Dating love rss feed

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Dating love rss feed

While this is a similar problem to resolving the user's location, it is actually trickier since new stations appear all the time, so this database must be dynamic (unlike the static postcode database).

I also need to ensure that drawing and layout function properly on an i Pad and an i Phone.

You may not use the icons or application name in your own programs.

The previous version of Fuel View (1.1.10 is available for free from the i Tunes App Store in Australia.

Additionally, any code that requires the user's location must be able to tolerate the location being a postcode, not a raw longitude latitude.

A further complication arises because the Fuel Watch RSS feed only exists for "larger" suburbs.

If you're curious though, in its first incarnation, this program took me 2 weeks to fully implement — way back in July 2008.

It was the first program I ever tried to write for i Phone OS 2.0 and I did a lot of things the wrong way.An i OS version of my Gloss Gradient drawing code The Gloss Gradients.m code is in the project.It's very similar to the original code except that there aren't HSV conversion methods on uses two different persistent stores: a read-only store inside the application bundle that is shipped with the application contains the pre-supplied results for station lookups.Names of smaller suburbs can't be used, so the list of suburbs must be filtered to match the list that the Fuel Watch website recognizes.The RSS feed gives the fuel station locations as street addresses but I need longitude and latitudes for them so I can stick pins in the map or calculate the distance between the user and the station.The purpose of this post is so that I will have a link to give people when they ask: how do I write an i OS application that pulls data from an RSS feed, displays it pretty and can put things on a map.

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