Dating my optometrist

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Dating my optometrist - Unmonitored camchat

Cmon, I would go all the way to Basel to an ace optometrist!I can recommend, although you'll have to see if the address suits you.: Keep in mind there is often a several months wait to see an eye doctor (unfortunately).

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Pegs, when are you gona have your deg recognized so I can use you as my optometrist?I'm starting to have vision problems that I really don't think are related to my specs.I need to see someone soon-ish, but I'm not sure who, or how such things work here.If you do decide to go back to the profession do let us all know. --- By the bye, thanks to the mod who fixed my horrific spelling.I'll blame it on my diminished vision; I'm relying on touch typing at the moment. So, an update for any of you living in my neck of the woods looking for an Opthalmologist...And if so, should I first go to my GP, or to the optometrist who made my specs?

And, can anyone recommend an opthamologist in the Hfe, March or Einsiedeln (SZ) areas?

Our surgeons continue to deliver the highest quality eye care in the Long Beach and Orange County areas.

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I recently went to my opticians and asked their opinion about an eye problem and they gave me a list of ophthalmologists in the area and recommended three in particular.

It wasn't a referral, and I didn't mention them when I made the appointment.

Took the good advice of the posters here and asked for recommendations from the folks who made my specs and from a friend, both recommended Dr.

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