Dating of pre flood humans

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Dating of pre flood humans - christian dating pal pen

Such proximity might have prevented wood-consuming organisms from devouring the site as they would likely have done in shallower waters.THRILL OF DISCOVERY “ The excitement aboard the ship is unbelievable,” said producer Sean Markey in a telephone call from the Northern Horizon.

IN SEARCH OF NOAH’ S FLOOD Last year, Ballard and his colleagues found proof that a catastrophic flood inundated the Black Sea in the region north of Turkey.

“ It consists of [the remains of] a single building with a hewn beam and wooden branches that formed the walls and roof of a structure—most likely a house.

We have also found and photographed stone tools, possibly a chisel or an axe, and ceramic storage vessels, all untouched since the flooding of the Black Sea.” The find represents “the first concrete evidence for the occupation of the Black Sea coast prior to its flooding,” says expedition archaeologist Fredrik Hiebert, of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

The flood may have buried coastal settlements as it engulfed the ancient landscape.

During the 1999 expedition, Ballard’s team discovered a submerged ancient shoreline with a flat beach area beneath about 550 feet(168 meters) of water—evidence supporting Ryan and Pittman’s theory.

“ I expected to write it off,” said Ballard shortly after the team first spotted the remains of the structure with the ROV Argus.

“ I’ve never seen anything like that before, and I’ve seen a lot of things.” Says Markey, “this was the long shot, and it turned out to be the winner.” The expedition will continue to file dispatches from the Black Sea as new discoveries are made. • Evidence of Human Habitation (photo gallery and preliminary sketches) • Ballard and the Black Sea • Robert Ballard Biography • Return to Midway • University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology Black Sea Trade Project • Institute of Nautical Archaeology • Mystic Aquarium: Institute for Exploration • Flood Stories From Around the World • Underwater Archaeology Resources • The Eco-Challenge Titanic discoverer Robert Ballard has identified the remains of a wooden building preserved near the oxygen-less waters of the Black Sea.

It appears that the structure was consumed by floodwaters that inundated the Black Sea.

In 1999 Ballard discovered an ancient shoreline, about 550 feet (168 meters) below the current level of the Black Sea.

SIGNS OF LIFE Early last week, using the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Argus, Ballard’s team spotted a rectangular feature about 12 meters (13 yards) long and 4 meters (4.4 yards) wide at the intersection of two ancient inland river channels . Though intrigued, they were forced to wait for the arrival of the more nimble ROV Little Hercules, whose superior video capability enabled the crew to get closer to the structure and get a much clearer look.

Through Little Hercules’ robotic eyes, on Friday the team looked again at the mysterious structure, and confirmed it was a type of dwelling.

As the waters rose, the mud probably melted away, leaving the wooden “bones” behind.

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