Dating service criminals

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Dating service criminals

(Haferkamp et al., 2012) Privacy has been the primary topic of many studies of SNS users, and many of these studies have found differences between male and female SNS users, although some studies have found results contradictory to those found in other studies.Some researchers have found that women are more protective of their personal information and more likely to have private profiles.

In general, several researchers have found that women tend to use SNSs more than men and for different and more social purposes.

However, the researcher speculated that this may be in part due to a desire to publicly express heterosexual behaviors and mannerisms instead of merely expressing romantic feelings.

A large-scale study of gender differences in My Space found that both men and women tended to have a majority of female Friends, and both men and women tended to have a majority of female "Top" Friends in the site.

Although the sample sizes of the two surveys are comparable – 1,650 Internet users in the Pew survey Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram attract more females.

Picture sharing sites overall are very popular among women.

Other researchers have found that women are less likely to post some types of information.

Acquisti and Gross found that women in their sample were less likely to reveal their sexual orientation, personal address, or cell phone number.Studies have also been conducted on the differences between females and males with regards to blogging.The Pew Research Center found that younger females are more likely blog than males their own age, even males that are older than them.Thus the idea that there may be both real and perceived differences in how men and women use SNSs – and that those uses may shape the SNSs – is neither new nor surprising and has historical analogues.There is historical and contemporary evidence that current fears about young girls' online safety have historical antecedents such as telegraphs and telephones.Hargittai's groundbreaking 2007 study examining race, gender, and other differences between undergraduate college student users of SNSs found that women were not only more likely to have used SNSes than men but that they were also more likely to have used many different services, including Facebook, My Space, and Friendster; these differences persisted in several models and analyses.

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