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My Callaway and Ballard ancestors remained loyal to the United States. Mike why do you think that I am defensive and shame others?

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Not only were schools,busses,restaurants ,cinemas laundramats racially segregated but a woman could not go to a clothing store to try on a dress. The Germans realized the harm that Adolphus Hitler did to his fellow human beings and did not build statues. She says to tell you that NO ONE on either side of the family ever owned a slave. My great great grandfather Mc Combs Callaway operated a clothing store for men. When her shift ended, she went to her car and found that her son had died. His family owned slaves but ( to the best I can find out ) he never did.Some fought and supported the Confederacy in a war caused by numerous political and cultural differences with their northern neighbors. My grandfather was a blacksmith who came to Princeton to work in the Virginian shops.Fred, you should be proud of your ancestors and heritage. My Dad graduated from Princeton High School and served in the US Navy during World War 2.Mikie, you need to contribute original thoughts about topics that are of interest to you.You and Delores from the forest tend to react to what I initiate.I applaud your good efforts and note that our Blog would be far less interesting were you not an active participant. His children were students at the local public schools.

You inspire me to quote Evelyn Beatrice Hall, but I'm going to restrain myself. In Raleigh County, the county offices were closed from 1861 until the conflict was over in 1865.No you just parrot cliches and forment conflict to emphasize your liberal misguided misinformed beliefs. Fred- My reference to boiling over was to the removal of statues and your need to inflame racial hatred by implication. Fred, What in the world does Col Jennifer have to do with anything.People like you are trying to shame amyone who disagrees with them by claimin they are Racists. Folks I am sorry I should consider the source and let this go but things are begining to boil over. I appreciate your trying to help me be a better progressive, but pretty much have my personal and professional life where I want it to be. It is a travesty to destroy and otherwise remove monuments erected to notables on both sides of the conflict. Just because some may be offended is of little justification I am offended by liberal snow flakes too weak to accept the reality of the past but I cannot do anything about it.Fred you think you are "cute" promoting the progressive agenda (you can look up progressive and liberal and social engineering on Google) if you need terms defined (shade from not having your doctorate degree? Every graduate of PHS60 is fully aware of slavery in the USA and I know of not one of them who is responsible for it. All of the confederate leaders were democrats so I guess that you do want to rewrite history? I commend you on your financial contributions and your obituaries but not on your "cute" narrative that conservatives are rasict and non carring and somehow need schooling by you! What is the future for W& L ( Washington and Lee ) University. Alabama joins a list of states passing laws to protect ALL monuments !! Mary's County, Maryland, the 3rd worse camp during the war. Your continual efforts at educating the ignorant masses has forced her to drink. Regarding the momuments she stated, "Why do we need the F... We have books." I did what I always do and begin typing frantically.Also Robert Bird was a KKK member are we going to tear down over 400 markers to him in WV? What the black union guards put her great great grandfather through cannot be repeated on this blog. Paused to read my reply and slowly began...delete, delete, delete, etc. There is a difference betwen intelligence and sense. Carol- Dr Leornard Nelson's Obiturary and an article about him are in todays Charleston Gazette Mail. Fred - You showcase the Callaways and Ballards (by the way I went to a bird dog feild trial at Judge Ballards farm in the late 50's) as a reason to be hollier than though on southerners, but I thought your family name was Lucas, did it thrace back to ?? But to finish my previous post - Fred did your ansestory lead back to Adolph Lucas? My observation - you comparing yourself to Cookie is that you are out of your leage in intellect and philosophical character.Fred, my friend, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Cookie had an ancestor who fought with the Confederacy. He suffered for his decision and my ancestors did not.

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    “ He’s in prison for domestic assault,” Boom says. Who: Delbert Michael Greer, better known as the singer Dale.

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    But their harmless appearance belies their beliefs—Crawford was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and the plot he hatched with Feight involved killing scores of Muslims, as well as officials at the governor’s mansion in Albany, New York and at the White House.

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    Annapolis is home to a large number of recreational boats that have largely replaced the seafood industry in the city. Alexander Hamilton (1712–1756) was a Scottish-born doctor and writer who lived and worked in Annapolis.